Two workshops mark end of IT conclave

Two workshops mark end of IT conclave

Innovation is indeed the key in the present competitive scenario,said Grewal.

On the last day of the IT conclave – Destination IT @ North – two workshops were organised which saw participation of various professionals interacting with experts.

Paramita Mukerji,project management consultant with Wipro Project Management Academy,addressed the session on ‘Project Management for Sustainable Competitive Advantage’ for entrepreneurs,while advising that a positive attitude made the difference. She stressed that a perfect project management involved application of knowledge,skills,tools and techniques to execute projects effectively and efficiently. “Life is 10 per cent of what you make it and 90 per cent of how you take it. That is what adds value to your projects”,she said,adding that success comes only if you follow certain guidelines.

In another session with CEOs of various companies,Maninder Singh Grewal of HealthFore Technologies Ltd shared his journey in creating digital solutions for the financial sector and healthcare domain. He said IT professionals can address problems at the customer end that come by combining the technological prowess with its infinite capacity and capability to deliver solutions. “Innovation is indeed the key in the present competitive scenario”,he added.

Giving a concluding note at the end of the conclave,Man Mohan Singh,chairman,CII Chandigarh Council,said that the success of the conclave had been because of the quality speakers who were able to interact with young entrepreneurs,as well as the established ones,to inspire them to bring about change through our own businesses and enterprises. “We have tried to provide this platform to bring together various stakeholders who would together help in supporting each others’ endeavours,” he added.

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