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Monday, July 23, 2018

Triple Triumph

Sometimes,it’s a good idea to take a long look at the past,to look ahead.

Written by Parul | Published: July 4, 2009 3:07:07 am

Sometimes,it’s a good idea to take a long look at the past,to look ahead. Precisely what author and motivational speaker Pavan Chaudary attempts to do with his Trilogy of Wisdom,a commentary on Chanakya’s political wisdom,Confucius’ social wisdom and Kabir’s spiritual wisdom. Written simultaneously,the set of three books puts forth the wisdom of the three forgotten masters,and their ideas and words are as relevant in today’s social fabric,as they were decades back. Apart from a deep interest,Pavan’s done deep research in the fields of socio-politico-spiritual wisdom and the books,he says have been inspired by India’s present social and political environment. “I love my country immensely and in my opinion enduring success and a stable standing is possible if you are politically,socially and spiritually wise and the three masters cover these important areas extensively,’’ Pavan feels that as the works of these masters have not been extensively translated into English,their reach has been limited.

The rendition and interpretation,adds Pavan,is carefully shifted for the 21st century,the idiom is modern and it’s a brand-new ‘Nitishastra’ one that’s for both citizens and politicians. “The ideas expressed are practical and can bring about change,’’ Pavan talks about how Chanakya’s political thought is so vital today,for he’s the man who created a proud India and made sure the country’s independence was not breached. “We have quality and strength and we need to get our due,’’ the author’s first book,‘When you are sinking,become a submarine’ is a raging success all over the world.

Confucius,discusses Pavan,teaches compassion and we Indians need to understand this more than ever,for our behaviour is not good to our own people. “As many as 90 crore are below the dignity line. We need to have restraint,not exhibit our wealth with vulgarity,we need to have concern for others. Compassion and character are what Confucius focuses on,’’ Pavan says the three books are related to current reality and we need to fight our wars today,for otherwise we will have to fight them tomorrow at a greater disadvantage,he stresses on fighting corrupt politicians.

Personally inspired by Osho,who was also Pavan’s senior in college,and whom he has studied in depth,Kabir’s philosophy of spirituality is relevant not only to India,but the entire world,says the auhtor,who was in the city. “Real spirituality makes you a better person,refines you. It’s a blend of good words,deeds and thoughts,’’ Pavan believes balance in life leads to a state of bliss and personal success. “Knowledge is information,but wisdom is transformation and the ideas in the books can be a catalyst for change,’’ stresses Pavan.

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