Tricity’s 2.6-km deadly stretch killed 36 in 2 yrs

Tricity’s 2.6-km deadly stretch killed 36 in 2 yrs

Victims mostly pedestrians and cyclists.

Another crash between Housing Board and Transport Point in Chandigarh. (Source: File photo)
Another crash between Housing Board and Transport Point in Chandigarh. (Source: File photo)

The 2.6 km stretch of road connecting the Transport Area traffic light point with the Housing Board light point passing through the Railway Station traffic light point on the main road connecting Chandigarh and Panchkula, has emerged as a killer stretch with a large number of accidents taking place every month.

The data obtained from the Chandigarh traffic police shows that 36 persons were killed and at least 28 were seriously injured on this stretch from January 2012 till March this year, the highest number than any other road in the Tricity.

More than one-third of the accidents occurred at these crossings between 12 midnight to 6 am and a substantial share of these involved pedestrians and cyclists.

During this period, the number of fatalities at the three crossings were 10, 14 and 12 respectively. Meanwhile, the number of accidents involving serious injuries were 14, 27 and 23 respectively.


According to SSP traffic, UT,  Maneesh Chaudhary the lack of provision for crossing the highway is one of the reasons for the high number of accidents.

“We have a dedicated road accident cell which highlighted this particular issue and sent a proposal to the engineering department to make amendments on numerous occasions for fencing the entire dividing road; to stop pedestrians and cyclists from crossing to the other side of the road, establishment of foot-bridges, subways and pelican lights. However, the proposal has been persistently pending and we are yet to receive a response.”

Reacting to the matter, an official from the Engineer department said “Road dividers have been provided on the road but some stretches are left out.which will be completed in a short time. As for the construction of foot-bridges or subways; the proposal is a time-taking process as it needs approval from various departments.”

The SSP added that the area has been prone to accidents as it an important road leading to heavy flow of traffic that connects Chandigarh, Panchkula, areas in Himachal Pradesh. Also, he advocated for a change in law which would enable traffic police officials to fine cyclists who have caused several accidents due to their negligence. At present, there is no provision in the Motor Vehicle Act to challan the cyclists.

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