Tricity InfoTech enthusiasts taste innovation feast

IT conclave,e-Revolution,displayed a variety of products and applications that have been developed by information technology companies in the tricity.

Written by Khushboo Sandhu | Chandigarh | Published: September 25, 2011 3:20:22 am

From tracking the expenditure one has made to application for sifting through resumes in seconds,applications for video messaging and wireless sensors for residences,the IT conclave,e-Revolution,displayed a variety of products and applications that have been developed by information technology companies in the tricity.

Mobile Money Tracking

If you are always worried about the everyday expenditure being incurred and need to keep a track of where and how the money is spent,Mobile Money Tracking facilitates this. The method developed by a team of experts at Sharpwebstudio enables the users to track all financial transactions by simply sending a message from the user’s mobile.

Each time a person either spends money or receives a payment,an SMS can be sent and the system picks up the relevant details and also categorize it. The summary of the monthly or yearly planned budget is easily accessible.

The system also helps in analyzing as well as suggesting problems. Reminders and alerts can be set.

Prashant Bhargava says,“Indians spend money with care. The method facilitates people in knowing their spending habits as well as income sources. The method is free and personalized to serve the requirements of people.”

Resume Parser 3.2

The resume processing engine facilitates in sifting through thousands of resume within seconds. It was on a request by a friend that Vinay,the CEO and Founder of Rchilli Inc developed the software.

Looking at its potential,the company was started and in the past one and a half years 496 companies have started using it. The processing engine sifts through the resume as per the requirements of the companies.

Vinay,who has had a stint at Silicon Valley says that he found potential in returning and setting up business here.

“It is a tedious process to manually look at the resume that have been received and the process can take hours even days if the number is high. The processing engine is able to lift the resume from the company’s e-mail or wherever these are stored,process these and store these at the requisite data bank,” says Vinay.

Video Messaging

After SMS and MMS,now is the turn of VMS or Video Message Service. Developed by Ironroad IT India Pvt Limited,VMS allows the users to send a video through mobile phone. A five-minute video can be sent through the mobile and is aimed at promoting citizen journalism.

A company representative says,“There is absolute clarity in the video that is made. People these days share videos on social networking sites or upload these on YouTube. VMS enables this to be done faster with clarity in image.”


Twonky is a family of software and applications that finds all media collections in a household and shares them with computers,TVs,stereos and other Internet-connected gadgets or devices. The service can be utilized to enjoy personal and online media at any place.

It can deliver content feeds and access to online services on home and mobile devices. Users can connect to social communities. Packet Video India Pvt Ltd for the Best Product of the Year Award at the e-Revolution.

Wireless Sensors

Being developed by a group of 10 to 12 students of Punjab Engineering College University of Technology,the wireless sensors enable monitoring light and temperature. The sensors would facilitate in saving power by switching off the lights in case the light inside the room is as good as the daylight.

Similarly,the air-conditioners would be switched off after the requisite temperature is reached. The sensors would adapt to the behaviour of the users.

In case a person switches on the air-conditioner for two hours at a specific time,the sensors would gradually adopt this pattern. The students are trying to develop the sensors that can be plugged into a switch board.

One of the students Sanjay Gulati said,“A group of around 12 students from the Department of Computer Science and Department of Electronics have been working on the model for the last seven months. The sensors would help save energy.”

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