The Ride is Smoother

The Ride is Smoother

As one of the longest running reality TV shows in India,MTV Roadies changes the rules of the game in Season X1.

The curses and abuses,the grouping and plotting,the bullying and cornering — everything usually passes without any issues on the popular reality TV show MTV Roadies. But the longest running youth-oriented show has decided to start afresh,in its latest season. Beginning with the title itself,the Roman numeral for XI has turned to X1,the vote-outs are out,so is the “unparliamentary” language. Performance will take precedence,and respect will rule,say Raghu Ram and Rannvijay,who were in town for the show’s Chandigarh round of auditions at Underdoggs,Elante and Indradhanush Auditorium,Panchkula. But the show will not be all saintly. “We’ve just got rid of excuses and complications and made it all about a ride for respect. Now,no one can attack us for voting,politics or aggressive language. We’ve taken it out of the equation,” says Ram.

Another reason for this drastic makeover,adds Ram,is his autobiographical book titled Raghu Rearview —My Roadies Journey,which captures 10 years of this show,his life,childhood,being bullied,growing up,creating Roadies,the reason he shouts,the tasks and tactics and the controversies among other things. “I realised that the book is all revealing and can unwittingly act as a readymade guide through your Roadies auditions. So,we had to write a new chapter this season,” he says.

The years have cooled him down,and taught him to control his raging temper,but Raghu says he still holds strong opinions,and uses the participants to put his point of view across. “We talk about rape,respect for women,sexism,discrimination,honour killings,corruption and tolerance,but it’s ironic how the bleeped out words in our show ring out in society,” adds Raghu. It’s a platform to open minds,and Rannvijay agrees that sounding soft and preachy won’t

do anything.

Rannvijay,who has been with the show since season one,says that it is creativity,innovation and originality that have helped increase its fan base. “It’s an Indian product,and doesn’t suffer from format fatigue. It’s new and exciting with every season,” adds Rannvijay,agreeing that over the 10 years,the crowd has got better,camera friendly,and more aware. In the meantime,Raghu will debut in acting with Punjabi film Love Yoou Soniye and Rannvijay will be seen in Abbas Tyrewalla’s Mango along with brother Harmanjit.

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