Style and Speed

Style and Speed

In the desert heat,four gleaming street burners scorch the weather beaten tracks.

In the desert heat,four gleaming street burners scorch the weather beaten tracks. Swerving through slalom obstacles at unfathomable speeds,the Audi A-Drive held in Jaipur was a preview of the refinement and precise engineering that the world associates the German carmakers with. Aimed to familiarise potential buyers and a fawning media with the street powers of the car,the event displayed four flagship models — the Audi A4,A6,A7 and the A8L — on a specifically designed course at the Mahindra World City on the outskirts of Jaipur.

Mark Allison,Instructor,Audi Drive Experience,and a test driver with Audi for the last 15 years,demonstrated the talents of the car. Primary amongst them were the well-balanced slalom driving,the high speed turning at tight corners and the working of the ESP (Elektronisches Stabilitäts Programm) system — if the driver lost control at high speeds. “Driving is a precise science,” quipped Allison.

Cars are a big statement in luxury these days and these Audis are set to floor the Indian automobile market,in an effort to position themselves as investments. “Buying an Audi is a combination of style,fashion,luxury and functionality and we bill all this in our cars,” informs Michael Perschke,Head,Audi India.

The A7 and the A8L models are fast cars with plush interiors while the A7 has a sporty look with climate control and a dashboard created out of a single piece of wood. It flies at 185 kmph,only to come to a stop in less than three seconds.

These cars can be customised too. Perschke says that Audi,the globally second positioned luxury brand,is aiming to become the bestselling brand in the country over the next few years. Currently,they are ranked behind BMW in India and also around the world. According to the car company’s eager spokespersons,the high-end sports models like R8 and the R8 Spyder have a growing market in India.