Splash of Colour

Different strokes,sensibilities,styles...Fusion brings together the work of Indian and Swedish artists and is the effort of TellusArt...

Written by Parul | Published: March 3, 2009 4:37:52 am

Fusion,a group show by Swedish & Punjabi artists,is a blend of contrasts

Different strokes,sensibilities,styles…Fusion brings together the work of Indian and Swedish artists and is the effort of TellusArt,an NGO in Sweden committed towards highlighting through art,issues that need collective human attention and participation to resolve. “Our new project is on global warming and saving the environment and involves children and schools around the globe. Their paintings and drawings will bring to light the issue and the wroks will be exhibited around the world,” explains Ajmer Sandhu,member of the core committee of the NGO and who has put together this group show .

Fusion brings to fore both paintings and photographs and from war to introspection,nature and harmony to celebration of life,feelings to moments,the works display it all. In mixed media,Lippi paints the destruction of war in muted colours,a contrast is Eri Maria’s green river bed. Tomas Mayer’s painting is about possibilities,“when you make decisions,you create a pattern and my work portrays schemes,strategies,mind maps,the good,bad,chaos,relations,” explains Tomas. Kishore Chawal’s work is a celebration of life and has an illuminated effect,while Vishal Bhatnagar paints Neelkanth. Anita Elgerot works slowly and unravels the layers on the canvas to create. “I put colour,thin layers and wait,for in every layer there is a story,” Anita talks about her two paintings. “These are not from my head,but heart.” Gunilla Lofgren too begins work with a feeling and her work between heaven and earth has an interesting story behind it,“I buried this canvas for nine months in the mountains and then stitched it up and painted it red with metallic gold,which exudes energy,which is so abundant in India and you feel it all around you,” adds the artist. Charlotte’s abstract work is a result of her letting the shapes,areas and colours evolve themselves. A must-see is Madan Lal’s painting,The Bull Within,from a new series,“it’s the transformation of the raw energy within us.’’ Experience it…

The show is on at the Government Museum and Art Gallery till March 5.

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