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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Spirited Expressions

Pratiksha Apurv,Osho’s neice and disciple,has brought her latest artwork to the city.

Written by Parul | Published: April 7, 2013 12:35:45 am

Pratiksha Apurv,Osho’s neice and disciple,has brought her latest artwork to the city.

Our minds and hearts are so full of thoughts that it’s becoming impossible to be receptive unless you drop these bags of thoughts. My paintings want to convey this message,” says painter Pratiksha Apurv,talking about her latest exhibition of artwork titled “Reflections”,which is currently being showcased in Chandigarh. Niece and disciple of Osho,Apurv moved to the Pune ashram when she was 11-years-old,and today,she reflects on her life and work,which have been inspired by Osho’s philosophy and his theory of layers of consciousness.

“Reflections” brings the intricacies of an inner world on canvas,one that’s discovered through meditation. “‘Stay in the present moment’ said Osho and I imbibed that early on in life. It has given me both peace and joy. Once you meditate,the outside world doesn’t matter,” says Apurv.

Giving up a successful career in designing to take up painting full-time,her work are a reflection of Osho’s teachings and discourses which she listens to before she begins to paint. “His voice and thoughts make me visualise the whole painting,including its colours. Years of practising meditation makes the process of creation flow naturally,” she says.

The exhibition also includes one of her works titled Cosmic Harmony,which was selected for the Lalit Kala Akademi’s 53rd national exhibition. The work depicts an interplay of cosmic energies with the centre portraying Ardhanarishwar,Shiva and Parvati. Also on display is a painting titled Receptivity,which echoes the thought that we need to empty ourselves in order to receive energy. Comprising intricate patterns,pyramids,triangles,circles,the works are both delicate and layered. The triangle represents the order of the cosmos and spiritual energy. The seven energy centres are also depicted on canvas,with balance as the philosophy. “You can feel the energy moving from one centre to another. There are different layers of consciousness; when you meditate,you go up three layers: super-conscious,supra-conscious and cosmic super-conscious. And many of my works depict these thoughts,” explains Apurv.

One of her canvases depicts an archer with an arrow mounted on the bow,all set to shoot. The archer aims with complete attention. “Work with awareness and the awards don’t matter,” says Apurv,as she points towards From Sex to Superconsciousness,an absorbing work which has an intricate silhouette and is based on the philosophy of energy centre and ultimate consciousness,with the chakras and an energy channel.

Over a period of time,Apurv says,she has tried to experiment with various subjects such as the Upanishads,trying to add meditative energy into Sanskrit shlokas from ancient books. She has extensively worked on the optical illusion series,using silhouettes and created an illusion pattern where the background and the subject form a unique style.

The exhibition is on till April 14,at Punjab Kala Bhawan,Sector 16,Chandigarh

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