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Popular Pakistan band Jal has released an album after six years. Fittingly,it’s called Pyaas

Written by Pallavi Chattopadhyay | Published: April 8, 2013 1:53:16 am

Popular Pakistan band Jal has released an album after six years. Fittingly,it’s called Pyaas

It’s been six years since Goher Mumtaz,the vocalist and lead guitarist of Pakistan-based band Jal,promoted an album in India. “Our last album Boondh was released in 2007 and the past six years have been spent on creating Pyaas,” he says. Pyaas (Universal Music) has 12 songs,including remixes of the group’s new numbers Tanhai and Dil Harri. At a show at Hard Rock Cafe on Friday,Mumtaz and guitarist Shazi performed songs from Pyaas and popular hits such as Woh Lamhe and Aadat. Mumtaz also talked about love and loneliness,the band’s cancelled gig in Mumbai,and why he is listening to Enrique Iglesias.

Why did you title your new alum Pyaas?

Because of our desire to produce good music for our fans. The name is also synonymous with the name of our band,Jal.

There’s a lot of heartbreak in your new album.

The theme revolves around falling in love,rising up again from heartbreak,loneliness and the loss of love. Dil Harri,the new video of which has become popular on YouTube,is about losing your heart to someone when you are in love. This is also the first album that we have produced. The album has a lot of fusion — apart from the acoustic guitar,we have used the harmonium,tabla,percussions and Punjabi words.

The line-up is different from when the band was formed in 2002. How did you deal with the departures of vocalists Atif Aslam and Farhan Saeed?

I think what matters is the kind of music one produces. When Atif left,I wondered what to do after this. I just wanted to make sure we brought something new for music lovers. With Sajni and Moray Piya,which were big hits,we did just that. People will follow you depending on what you do with music.

Why was your Mumbai show called off last week?

The official reason is that there were permission issues. We are sad and disappointed because Jal has a huge fan base in Mumbai. We are trying to come back next month to perform in Mumbai.

What is the next project that you are working on?

We are working on an album with Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias where we would be mixing our tracks with his. It will be out this year.

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