Soon,hydrotherapy unit to come up in Mohali

Movements that are extremely painful outside water,can be conducted in water with minimum pain.

Written by TANBIR DHALIWAL | Chandigarh | Published: November 19, 2013 6:35:34 am

Now,patients suffering from spinal injuries need not travel all the way to Delhi for hydrotherapy treatment as the Regional Spinal Injury Centre (RSIC),Mohali is coming up with a hydrotherapy unit,which will be second in north India.

Hydrotherapy is a method of using the physical aspect of water for medical and relaxing treatments. The buoyancy of water effect minimises the efforts of gravity on weight bearing joints,spinal column and ligaments. The entire therapy improves balance and co-ordination.

Movements that are extremely painful outside water,can be conducted in water with minimum pain. Running,walking and floating in water have been found to be more beneficial than most other activities.

“We are planning to launch a hydrotherapy unit in the coming months at RSIC. It will be an indoor swimming pool,where the temperature will be maintained around 40 degree and its depth will be four feet,” RSIC director Dr Raj Bahadur said.

He added that the unit is not meant for general public,but for spinal cord injury victims who are paraplegic (complete paralysis of the lower part of the body including both legs) and quadriplegic (complete paralysis of the body from the neck down).

“If we neutralize the effect of gravity in water,the power of the muscle can be enhanced. It will be of great help in order to rehabilitate a paraplegic,to make him stand and walk. Further,its objectives will be to promote relaxation,to increase range motion,to strengthen muscles and enhance co-ordination and balance,” Dr Bahadur said.

The unit will cost about Rs 15 lakh and the process has already started. It will be a second such unit in the North after the Indian Spinal Injuries Centre at New Delhi.

The RSIC is a 10-bedded centre,which treats about 250 spinal injury cases on every Saturday and performs about four surgeries in a week. Since 2011 they have operated on about 300 patients of spinal injuries,disk disease,lumber canal stenosis and spondylolisthesis.

The centre does not have its own staff,but doctors from department of anaesthesia and orthopaedics from Government Medical College and Hospital,Sector 32 and the department of orthopaedics,PGI work on honorary basis.

“The proposal has been sent to the central government to have two more centres,one to strengthen the existing centre and another 10-bedded centre in one of the districts of Punjab,which will be linked with the regional spinal centre in Mohali,” Dr Madhu Puri,deputry director,RISC said.

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