Solar energy to satiate city’s growing need for power

The UT Administration has adopted the theme,'generating electricity from solar power',under the Solar City initiative...

Written by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: July 19, 2010 2:48:15 am

The UT Administration has adopted the theme,’generating electricity from solar power’,under the Solar City initiative,for which a proposal has been made before the Union government for its approval. According to the draft plan,which proposes to accord Chandigarh a solar city status,the UT Administration has recommended energy efficiency measures for the residential and commercial sectors of the city. The plan was finalised after discussion with The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI).

“You install solar panels and generate electricity for your house or commercial establishment. The surplus energy generated can be transmitted to a common grid,and its value shall be deducted from the monthly electricity bill of the generating source (electricity connection holder),” said a senior UT official.

Sources said that various government institutions,nationalised banks and certain private players are also in the process of generating electricity through solar power,for which talks are on with the UT Administration. “We are going to present a proposal to the Administration for allowing us to generate electricity required for all our premises in Chandigarh through solar power. The surplus energy generated by us can be transmitted to the national grid,” said a senior official of State Bank of India.

The solar city project will be funded by the Government of India,with a matching grant by the Administration or the municipal corporation,depending on who takes up the project as the nodal agency.

According to the plan,finalised by the Chandigarh Renewable Energy Science and Technology Promotion Society (CREST) and the Department of Science and Technology,certain changes have been recommended for commercial,residential and government buildings.

As per Engineering Department (Electricity wing),UT Administration,the maximum electricity demand of the city has been reported as 284 MW; the average power requirement is approximately 3.25 MU (mega units) per day. Since Chandigarh has no generating capacity of its own,it gets 67 per cent of its power through Mohali (Punjab State Electricity Board),about 10 per cent through Dhulkote (Bhakra Beas Management Board) and remaining 23 per cent through Nalagarh. The transmission and distribution losses have been reported as 18.67 per cent by the Engineering department.

By implementing the solar city initiative,the Administration plans to reduce the city’s energy consumption by 10 per cent in 2012 and 20 per cent by 2018.

The Administration would require around Rs 30-35 crore per year,till the completion of the middle-phase (by 2012) of the project. Prototype buildings shall also be promoted,which shall be a benchmark for energy conservation in the city. “We have sent the plan to the Union government. It is likely to be approved soon,” said Sanjay Kumar,Secretary (Engineering),UT Administration.

Sunny Side
Rebate on electricity tariff likely for domestic and commercial consumers who use solar devices and generate electricity

At least 20 per cent of the energy needed to heat water in residential and commercial buildings may come from solar energy by the end of 2011

As Chandigarh is located in the composite climatic zone,it requires hot water for only four months (from November to February). As the city develops under the master plan,solar water heating systems can be made mandatory in residential and commercial sectors.

Solar-based LED traffic lights and solar streetlights to be installed with LED display boards at strategic locations in the city. A few such traffic signals are already functional

Solar-powered lights and fountains to be installed in prominent public gardens and parks,including the Botanical Gardens,Bougainvillea Gardens,Rajendra Park,Rock Garden,Rose Garden,Shivalik Garden,Leisure Valley and Shanti Kunj

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