So,what’s cooking?

He describes cooking as a “creative art”,not everybody’s calling! Patience,love and hard work...

Written by Parul | Published: February 11, 2009 12:36:23 am

He describes cooking as a “creative art”,not everybody’s calling! Patience,love and hard work… the ingredients of a sumptuous meal are many and theatre director and teacher Umesh Kant loves to dish out absorbing stuff not just on stage,but in the kitchen as well.

“Like theatre involves me totally,whipping up a special meal in the evening for family and friends is a passion,” says Kant while recalling how watching his mother cook was a treat,how he would absorb every single detail of the fascinating process and make a mental note of the details.

“I started cooking when I was eleven and since then,when I am not rehearsing or teaching,I am in the kitchen,” says Umesh who loves to cook north Indian dishes and believes nothing compares with our food,though while travelling,he exposes his taste buds to regional cuisines,but isn’t too fond of international food.

“There is so much variety and variation in our food and I constantly experiment with various ingredients,recipes,look of the food and it’s a process that you don’t limit to yourself,but share with others and that’s what makes it so satisfying.” Umesh says a word of praise or smile from his guests is a treat for him.

“That’s an applause for me and though I am a vegetarian,I make the most amazing mutton curry and pulao — my wife and children’s favourite and they will vouch for the taste,” he says. Umesh adds how he loves observing other people cook,to know how a particular dish is made and likes to keep it all simple,without many masalas or garnishes.

“Like a play,you can go wrong sometimes,but the idea is to give it your best shot,” Umesh invites you for a gourmet meal and even thinks aloud of starting cooking classes! Bon Appétit!

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