Sky-high flight fares do not deter locals from holidaying abroad

This summer,the popular destinations abroad are South East Asia,Africa and Europe.

Written by Mannat Jaspal | Chandigarh | Published: June 21, 2012 3:23:06 am

This summer,the popular destinations abroad are South East Asia,Africa and Europe. In India,Goa and Kerala are gaining popularity as tourist spots,despite the scorching heat and sky-high flight fares. Due to the holiday season,flight and railway seats are jam packed and bookings are being done months in advance to get tickets.

Priya Shergill,a travel agent for Travel Affair,said,“Travelling has always been a source to escape the humdrum and busy schedule that people suffer these days. Excursions with family and friends to popular destinations is been on the rise for a long time now. South East Asia,mainly Hong Kong,Bangkok,Singapore,and Bali are most popular,due to the various packages available in the countries. Apart from this,the modern infrastructure and shopping avenues make them the most sought after vacation spots. A fad for cruises has emerged this season,with people travelling through Europe via the Mediterranean. In India,Goa and Kerala are most visited,despite the hot weather for their scenic beauty and local culture.”

Another travel agent,H S Sidhu,owner of Sidhu Travels,said,“Despite a drop in the foreign exchange rates,tourism abroad has not been adversely affected. The evergreen destinations abroad are Thailand,Singapore,and Malaysia. Hong Kong and Macao are also sought after destination spots for its casinos and night life. Countries in Europe,mainly Switzerland,Spain,Italy,London are in demand,despite the economic crises gripping the countries,for its rich culture and literature. In Africa,South Africa,Tanzania and Nairobi are gaining popularity for its ‘wild’ animal safaris and exquisite locations. Regular travellers usually get their booking done two months in advance,while the occasional travellers book their tickets a month in advance. In India,Varanasi is another popular destination for people within the country and outside for its historical importance and cultural heritage”.

Meera Kumari Subramanyiam,a resident,said,“I will be visiting Singapore,this summer,for two weeks with my family and friends. We have taken a package including,lodging. Our itinerary includes the Universal Studio,exquisite Sentosa Islands,animal safaris and Jurong Bird Park. We will also take the Super Star Virgo cruise to travel to Malaysia”.

Another enthusiastic traveller,Pratibha Patil,said,“I have always wanted to visit south India for its splendid locations and rich culture. The lifestyle and the people there have always fascinated me,and now I am finally going to visit Kerala with my family. We will be living in houseboats on the seaside enjoying the resplendent view and service”.

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