Seen and heard

Seen and heard

The Chandigarh War Memorial in Sector 3,dedicated to the martyrs,is in a state of utter neglect.

Scant regard

for martyrs

The Chandigarh War Memorial in Sector 3,dedicated to the martyrs,is in a state of utter neglect. Maintenance of the memorial and the garden in which it is erected is lacking with the lights not functional and the grass not having been mowed in a long time. The gates to the garden are broken. There is no shelter available for the security guards at the memorial who have to bear the vagaries of the weather. With the memorial to be maintained by the UT Administration and the garden by the Municipal Corporation,the War Memorial is becoming another example of how division of functions between the two authorities is hampering work.


In its hurry to break the news about the results of those who proved successful in AIIMS under graduate medical test-2013,a city-based academy sent an SMS to journalists misspelling the name of one of the candidates. Blame it on the keypad of touchscreen mobile phone,as clarified by one of the Academy members,Mudit Sharma was misspelled as “Nudity Sharma”.

Late and confused

At the oath-taking ceremony of the newly elected members of Panchkula Municipal Corporation (PMC) earlier this week,except for the BJP members,all others were late in reaching the venue. Some of the members reached 10-15 minutes late to the conference hall of Mini Secretariat,delaying the oath taking ceremony. The members chose to take the oath individually instead of a collective oath which was followed by the election to the office of corporation Mayor. Some of the members were even heard telling Divisional Commissioner,Ambala,Dr Yudhvir Singh Khyalia that he should tell them who were in the fray for the post of Mayor as they were finding it difficult to make out the names on the ballot paper.



It is not only city residents who are harassed by the functioning of the government offices. It seems even the bureaucrats are at the receiving end. A bureaucrat in the city is perturbed at receiving excessive water bills every month due to a faulty meter. Every time that a complaint is made,assurances are given of how the meter has been repaired. However,the bill delivered the subsequent month tells a different story. Maybe this will give the officials an insight into what the residents face on a daily basis.

Solar Power

With the UT Administration moving ahead with the project to make Chandigarh a model solar city,among the houses that will be powered with solar energy will be those of bureaucrats. Government houses where the secretaries including the UT Home Secretary and the Finance Secretary reside would be among the first where use of solar power is set to be made. The idea is that once successful,it would act as a motivation for the city residents to install the systems in their own houses.

Under pressure

A former student of the Panjab University,Vineet Jakhar,has coined a new word,’Pusuisation’,to convey that he is being pressurized to join PUSU party. Vineet was the one who had alleged that he was locked in his room in the hostel number one by the warden. The reason according to him was his denial to join PUSU,a students organisation. “This is nothing else but Pusuisation,by the warden,” he rued after he was unlocked.

Time to face the music

Having exhausted all forums,Justice (retd) Nirmal Yadav will have to come up with something new to avoid framing of charges against her. With the Apex Court dismissing her appeal demanding photocopies of the documents pertaining to her prosecution sanction,the special CBI Court has begun arguments on the issue of framing of charge. The deadline,as stipulated by the Punjab and Haryana High Court,is one month. Fierce arguments between the CBI and the accused is in the offing next week as both parties will present their arguments.

Appraisal time

A day before the visit of Vice-President and Union Health Minister at a tertiary care hospital in the city,the hospital staff was seen making last-minute arrangements. The things which were pending for a long time were completed within days before the VIP’s visit. The floor which was closed since the inception of a Trauma building was finally opened and around 20 new beds were brought and installed. All this was done only to cast an impression.

Fast and furious

It is hilarious to notice how some invitations have minute-to-minute schedules,without taking into account their feasibility. In a recent Golden Jubilee closing ceremony of a hospital,the press invite had minute-to-minute details. The strange part was that the invite had given only one minute to the dignitaries to take the stage and next minute for the national anthem and another minute for a welcome speech. The organisers,thus,unknowingly,kept the VIPs on their toes.


When asked about the details of the three persons who were arrested by Chandigarh Police for allegedly stealing mobile phones,a police official said that since one of the accused is a juvenile,his name cannot be disclosed. One must appreciate the concern shown by the considerate police official. But one must deride the police force for disclosing the name and details of the same juvenile in a press release. When told,the Police official requested the journalist to pass on the information to fellow journalists about the ‘mistake’.