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‘Science in India experiencing extraordinary growth’

Professor Sarma has devoted his entire life to the study of physics and chemistry of materials with special emphasis on nano materials.

“Electrons are the most interesting entity of this world. They not only determine the properties of the solid,they also explain why the rose is red,why that carpet is green,why one gets angry and why one falls in love,” said Professor Dipankar Das Sarma,from Indian Institute of Science (IISc),who was in Panjab University (PU) on Wednesday for the inauguration of ‘International Conference on Interdisciplinary areas with Chemical Sciences (ICIACS-2013)’.

With a specialisation in the field of ‘electronic structure of solid’,Professor Sarma has devoted his entire life to the study of physics and chemistry of materials with special emphasis on nano materials and strongly correlated materials.

“Electrons are part of matter and a vast number of phenomena in this world can be explained on the basis of the nature of electrons to repel each other,” elaborated Professor Sarma. Talking about the aspect of measuring the productivity and impact of the published work of a scientist,by certain measurement tools,like H-index,Professor Sarma said,that it is not only unjustifiable,but dangerous to measure research by any quantitative terms.

With more than 330 scientific publications to his credit,Professor Dipankar Das Sarma also scores high on one such index – the H-index. “These measures like H-Index,number of citations are nice to look at,but cannot measure the true impact of research,as number of citations tends to be more in certain fields. A research paper needs to be read and analyzed on the basis the idea underlying the research,and the innovation,” he said.


Encouraging the students to take up sciences,Dr Sarma said,“Science in India is experiencing an extraordinary growth. Many eminent scientists have returned back to the country to be a part of this growth.”

Congratulating the university for being ranked among the top universities of the world in a recent education ranking,Professor Sarma said,“Its after visiting the varsity,that I have realised that it deserved to be ranked among the top 250. The university is going to be even better in the coming years.”

Calling upon the academic fraternity to focus more on research,Professor Sarma said that the researchers need to deliver,as the country is paying for each hour of their research.

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