Roofs leak,garbage piles up at city’s markets

Roofs leak,garbage piles up at city’s markets

While the residents of the city are enjoying the monsoons,the shopkeepers in different markets are a harried lot.

While the residents of the city are enjoying the monsoons,the shopkeepers in different markets are a harried lot. With leaking roofs,sanitation facilities not up to the mark and lack of lights,the conditions of the markets have worsened with the rains.

The market of Sector 7 shows one of the most significant signs of deterioration. The roof of the corridor has weakened to the extent of exposing the reinforced rods due to constant weathering. “The roof can fall at any time. It can cause damage to the commuters walking beneath it. We have complained to the administration so many times,but our voices have fallen on deaf years,” shares Amarjit Singh Dua,President,Market Committee,Sector 7.

“Another problem is that of sanitation. The public toilets are in a pathetic condition and are blocked all the time. The situation turns deplorable in the monsoons,” added Dua.

Vinod Bansal,another shopkeeper,complains,“We have been asking the administration to remove this entire corridor as it will not only provide ample space for parking vehicles,but will also prevent any mishap in the future.”


The Sector 7 market has crumbling pillars,while the shopkeepers of Sector 27 market are having to remain in darkness due to the absence of light points.

“The administration had approved eight light points for the Janta market,but not even a single one has been installed ever since,” says Surinder Pal Singh,President,Market Committee,Sector 27 D. “Moreover,42 booths are lying vacant in the market,which are being misused by people,who break the locks and sleep inside during the night,” he added.

While the absence of light points in the markets is the main problem affecting the shopkeepers for years,it is the dumping of garbage near the market that has caused major trouble to the shopkeepers of Sector 19,Palika Bazaar.

“The Administration has shifted the garbage dumping ground of the entire sector to near the market,which has become a major cause of concern for all of us. It stinks so much that it becomes difficult for us to sit in our booths. The stench draws the customer away. We have complained to the administration,after which they sprayed DDT,but that too did not work. The situation is pathetic during the monsoons,” says a shopkeeper,Sumit Mahajan.

“Dumping the garbage just close to the water supply unit has caused health and sanitation problems and it is not at all hygienic,” adds Narinder Sachdeva,a shopkeeper at booth no 132.

Chief Engineer,Municipal Corporation,SS Bida said,“The issue has not come to our notice before. We will take up the matter soon.”