Rise & Shine

No other words than these seemed more apt today as we entered our 61st year of being a Republic.

Written by EXPRESS FEATURES SERVICE | Published: February 2, 2010 1:14:12 am

Time to take charge of your health today for a healthier tomorrow!
“Rise up and salute the sun! Rise up and synergize as one,And division there shall be none.
Wise up and salute the sun!
So what is right will always be won,so what is wrong will be never be done.
So justice will always be won. Rise up! Wise up and salute the sun!
Spread light to replace all hatred and ignorance in the world-With Truth,Reason,and amplified Wisdom!
Rise up,wise up and salute the sun.
Join lights as one. The journey has just begun.”
—Suzy Kassem

No other words than these seemed more apt today as we entered our 61st year of being a Republic. Our forefathers selflessly participated in the freedom struggle to win us our freedom. This struggle for freedom early on in the New Year is a silent reminder,a streak of light to rekindle the flame of resolutions made on the eve of the New Year to be good and do good to ourselves and to others. Research concludes that nearly 80 per cent of all New Year resolutions are broken by January. Moreover,if the resolutions had anything to do with health and fitness or weight management,working out or quitting smoking do not see the light of the day by January end. By the end of the year only a handful of less than five percent of us will have persevered with our resolutions intact. People comprising this minority,I feel,are the reincarnated freedom fighters.

Achieving the goals has a taste of success akin to winning us our free country that is our own to flaunt on the world map. Let the patriotic fervour today bring out the best in us and compel us to free our minds and bodies from the unwanted excesses and habits binding us. Let us take this opportunity to evaluate our progress in life. If we take charge of our health today we are investing in a brighter and healthier tomorrow. Let us try and replace such verbs like accumulating,acquiring,receiving,procuring with bestowing,donating,letting go,giving up. They can invigorate our lives with inspiring challenges and wonderful experiences to look forward to. Do not abandon your resolutions. Rise up,wise up for the journey has just begun!

Baked Tricoloured Burfi

Ricotta cheese,350 gms,Low-fat milk,1 cup,Semolina,1/4th cup,Demerara sugar,1 cup,Saffron,1/2tsp (soaked in 1 tsp warm milk),pistachio paste,2 tbsp,cardamom powder,1/4th tsp

Put ricotta cheese,milk,semolina,demerara in a blender. Blend for 2-3 minutes. Divide the mix into three equal parts. To one add the saffron paste and mix well. Add pistachio paste to the other part and mix well. Leave the third part as white and add cardamom powder to it. Spread this mix on a glass baking tray in layers same as our flag tricolours. Bake at 350 degrees for two hours. Serve chilled.

(The writer is a city-based food and diet consultant who can be contacted at adda.mehrotra@gmail.com)

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