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Monday, February 17, 2020

Residents turn to hi-tech security systems to keep away burglars

City residents have been using hi-tech security and surveillance systems to protect themselves from burglars and thieves.

Written by Shivani Yadav | Chandigarh | Published: June 14, 2012 3:32:41 am

City residents have been using hi-tech security and surveillance systems to protect themselves from burglars and thieves.

Close circuit television (CCTV) cameras and burglar alarms installed at residential entrances,windows,rooms and courtyard which have been in the market for sometime now stand supplemented with better and sophisticated connectivity. With IP (internet protocol) connectivity with computers and android application on mobile phones,the gadgets can be operated and monitored from one’s mobile phones.

The gadgets can now provide a web-based interface allowing a user to have internet access to live footage of the area under surveillance from anywhere in the world.

“With the increasing crime rate,security gadgets assume importance for the safety of homes and offices. A robber will target a house that offers least resistance,gives him/her uninterrupted time inside and offers an easy escape. But if the gadget raises an alarm when they try to break in,they will be shocked and make an immediate escape,” said Anil Sharma,owner of an electronic security equipments showroom in Sector 35.

He added that the best defence against an intrusion was sound and it was scientifically proven that sound above 110 decibels increased our heart rate and blood pressure. In case of an intrusion,ordinarily the surprise element works in favour of the assailant,but the burglar alarms shift the panic from the victim to th e attacker.

With a Digital Video Recorder integrated with a CCTV or alarm system,a simple user name and password aided service allows a client to monitor the CCTV coverage by linking it to a location. The cameras also come with various sensors for specific areas of a house,including shutter sensor,break glass sensor,smoke detector,vibration detector and motion detector.

The alarm systems come with pre-programmed speech diallers that can be called on and asked for help from the police,fire station or a client’s personal number when activated. It has a SIM provision to make calls,even if the land-line connection might be cut-off.

Passive Infra-red Sensors and laser beams detect motion inside a closed store. Sameer Kapoor,who owns a tap factory in Mohali,said his factory was burgled in the 2002,despite a stationed security guard,but after he installed a Wired-Alarm System,a similar attempt was stopped effectively.

“In case of a security guard,there can be human error,but a machine has a relatively low chance of failure,” Sameer said.

Arvinder Singh,owner of an electronics shop in Sector 21,Chandigarh,said,“With manpower getting costly,automation is required in the field of security. We even have a Guard-Monitoring System that requires a security guard to give regular attendance during his shift.” He said even if a burglar was caught,some proof would be required to establish his guilt,which a camera footage would provide.

Sellers of security and surveillance equipment say that sales have picked up,“There is a rise of 20 to 30 percent in sales,every year,but there is need to create more awareness. Equipment and installation costs have come down. Safety equipments are now available between Rs 3,000 and 12,000,” Arvinder said.

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