Relief for residents as power tariff reduced — for 3 months

Relief for residents as power tariff reduced — for 3 months

‘With efficient management,department purchased power at low rates’

The people of the city may get some relief in the power bills with the Electricity Department deciding to reduce the tariff. A reduction of 10 to 20 paise per unit has been made in the domestic tariff and 25 to 30 paise in commercial tariff for three months starting November. The billing from November 2013 to January 2014 would be done on the basis of the reduced tariff.

For commercial use,for the first 100 units,the tariff would now be Rs 2.20 per unit as against Rs 2.30 earlier. For 150 to 400 units,the tariff would be Rs 4.01 per unit instead of Rs 4.20. Consumption of more than 400 units would cost Rs 4.20 per unit instead of Rs 4.40.

The decrease in tariff has been done due to the fuel and power purchase cost adjustment. The electricity department procured power for the months of July,August and September at a lower rate. The money saved would be passed on to the consumers as per the orders of Joint Electricity Regulatory Commission (JERC).

As per the orders by JERC,the fuel and power surcharge has to be calculated on a regular basis. In no case can the calculation be delayed for more than three months. Accordingly,the rate of power per unit would vary.


Superintending Engineer (Electricity) M P Singh said that it was due to efficient management that the department purchased power at low rates. The residents are now being given a refund,he added.

The petition of the Electricity Department for a hike in the power tariff had earlier been rejected by JERC with there being some anomalies. The department had been instructed to get its auditing done and submit the petition afresh.