Reel Good Times

Reel Good Times

The city is set to get a cinematic view of Europe this month

The city is set to get a cinematic view of Europe this month

Tapesh Sharma was adamant. “Why can’t Chandigarh have its own European film festival?” he asks. Sharma runs the Chandigarh Film Society and,on his last visit to the Capital,convinced the organisers to showcase the Indian edition of the 17th European Union Film Festival in Chandigarh. It took some doing but now the festival,‘Europe in Love’,will roll out in association with Chandigarh administration and the Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER).

It will comprise eight critically acclaimed films to be showcased over seven days. Sharma is also instrumental in holding the festival at an institution that was known for showcasing the best in cinema many years ago.

“The Bhargava Auditorium at PGI,” says Sharma,extending his gratitude to its director,Dr Yogesh Chawla for kick-starting the cinematic culture once again. “Earlier,the Association of Resident Doctors used to screen films regularly,but it stopped for some time. We are trying to revive it,” says Sharma,who also has his heart set on bringing back the Chandigarh Film Festival which ran successfully for two years but was discontinued.


Back from his prestigious jury duty at the 26th International Film Festival of Fribourg (a city between Zurich and Geneva),Sharma is excited about the European festival slated to be held from July 8 to 14. At the heart of the festival lies extraordinary characters,narrating engaging stories of emotions and feelings,and representing the cocktail of cultural identity that Europe is known for.

From Denmark comes Aching Hearts,a film that revolves around high school sweethearts Jonas and Agnete,their friendships and families,trials and tribulations. From Estonia,it’s A Friend of Mine,the story of Mati,a bibliophile whose life crashes with the death of his spouse. Camino is a film from Spain and is based on a real story of a girl who died of cancer in 1985 and is in the process of being canonised. Forty-year-old Nanà gives up on her Prince Charming after a wedding in Italy’s Weddings and other Disasters. The story of a conman and a ballerina,Chameleon,comes from Hungary while an actress and a paparazzon find love in Beauty and the Paparazzo,from Portugal.

From Finland comes If You Love,a film on a 19-year old girl who loses her memory and has to start life anew. Finally,Slovakia presents Apricot Island,a story that takes you into the whirlwind passions of three men for one woman and her love for them.

Meanwhile,the Alliance Francaise Chandigarh in Sector 36 is set for a curtain raiser of its CineClub. Starting this month,the film club will roll out,first,Tout ce qui brille directed by Géraldine Nakache. The screening will take place at the Café Theatre,on July 6. The movie deals with the difficult suburban lives and dreams of two girls to live like the richest people in Paris.

The European Union Film Festival India films will be screened at the PGI Auditorium daily from July 8 to 14.

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