Punjabi writer’s fiction works,traps ex-driver with fake FB account

Punjabi writer’s fiction works,traps ex-driver with fake FB account

Written by Yogesh Rajput | Chandigarh | Published: July 30, 2013 2:05:11 am

In a curious case,a city-based Punjabi writer posed as a girl using a fake Facebook account to nab his ex-driver who had fled with his Rs 1 lakh a few months back.

Jang Bahadur alias Hari Soni,who worked as Punjabi writer Govardhan Gabbi’s driver,had allegedly fled with cash of Rs 1 lakh belonging to Gabbi and his business partner Ram Swarup Gautam in February this year. Bahadur had been working as a driver in the company owned by Gabbi and Gautam for the past three years.

Interestingly,Bahadur was already friends with Gabbi on Facebook before fleeing with the money. However,once he decamped with the cash,Bahadur had “unfriended” Gabbi for obvious reasons. Bahadur,however,continued to have Facebook settings that made most of his posts visible to public.

Having kept track of Bahadur’s Facebook account for days,Gabbi finally created a fake Facebook account in the name of Gauri Thapa,a Nepali girl who had recently come to live in Chandigarh,and sent Bahadur a friend request on July 22. Bahadur accepted the request the same day. To avoid any suspicion,Gabbi added a few other people from Nepal,so that the account did not seem fake.

In the next few days,Gabbi noticed that updates by Bahadur on his account were being made through a mobile phone. Gabbi traced the location of the phone and found that Bahadur was living in Jalandhar.

In due course,Gabbi started chatting with Bahadur. Since Gabbi did not understand Nepali language,he,posing as Gauri Thapa,told Bahadur that “her” mother was from Shimla and “her” father from Nepal,and that “she” had visited Nepal only twice. He also told Bahadur that “she” was a Bachelors in Computer Applications and was working as a computer teacher in a private school in Chandigarh. Since Bahadur felt insecure about his profession,Gabbi consoled Bahadur and told him not to feel low as “her” father was also working as a personal assistant in a government office.

Over a period of time,Gabbi,posing as Gauri Thapa,engaged in a series of flirtatious conversations with Bahadur,telling him how “she” was falling in love with him. Bahadur too responded and lied to Gabbi that he was unmarried,and that he wanted to meet her. Bahadur also kept asking Gabbi for his mobile number. But Gabbi said “she” would not give the number before meeting Bahadur.

Gabbi told Bahadur that since “she” was new to Chandigarh,she wanted Bahadur to show her around the tourist spots. Bahadur immediately took leave for a few days from his office,where he was working as a driver again,and came to Chandigarh to meet Thapa. A constable and a woman constable accompanied Gabbi when he was about to meet Bahadur. The woman constable made a phone call to Bahadur posing as Thapa and told him to meet her near Sector 42. On meeting him,Bahadur was caught in Gabbi’s trap and was nabbed by the police.

The police on Monday recovered Rs 35,000 from the possession of a relative of Bahadur,who resides in Solan,Himachal Pradesh. Bahadur was remanded in two-day police custody on Sunday.

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