Preferential Treatment

Preferential Treatment

Beauty beyond age is only a few procedures away.

Skin,teeth,diet _ clinics now offer specialised & exclusive solutions

Beauty beyond age is only a few procedures away. From something as basic as skin rejuvenation to a more elaborate treatment such as skin resurfacing,at the all-new Anti-Clock Age Reversal Clinic and Medispa,skin solutions are all under one roof. Specific answers for different problems is Dr KM Kapoor’s USP for this exclusive clinic,the first in North India. The idea,says Dr Kapoor,a well-known cosmetologist is to provide not only excellent services,but convenience too. “In today’s time,people don’t have the energy or time to visit different places for an ailment or problem. Anyone who walks in here with a skin query will walk out with an answer,” the market,adds the doc,is moving from beauty to anti-ageing,both in products and procedures.

Latest machines and technology assist in new breakthroughs like baby Botox,wherein patients can control the final outcome of their look and as the doses are multiple,the frozen look,which many complain about after Botox,is done away with. A new combination of filler and Botox,which is not injected in the muscle but skin for glow and lift effect,mesotherapy for dissolving fat of the face,laser treatments for hair removal,pigmentation,skin resurfacing,hollow-patch skin repair…it’s here. “This is a one-stop place for consultation for skin and hair problems and also treatments,” smiles Dr Kapoor.

Trained in Germany and Mumbai,Dr Amit Singh Brar and Dr Sukhdeep Kang recently decided to set up Arete Dental Practice,a high-tech smile designing clinic in Chandigarh. This was set up keeping in view the conscious people of the city,who would travel to Mumbai for teeth and smile designing. What they strive to create is a smile which is perfectly in sync with the facial features of a person,one which also enhances the person’s personality,self-esteem and self-confidence. “During a smile make-over,we may align crowded teeth,close gaps,reduce protrusion,whiten,reduce a gummy smile,widen a narrow smile,change the length or shape of teeth,replace missing teeth or any combination of the above,” Dr Amit talks about the range of services offered here. Crowns,bridges,implants,orthodontics are all a part of a smile make-over and lending a fashionable touch is the coordinator here,Dr Gary Sandhu,an orthodontist,model and smile designer and Balbir Singh,a ceramist who has worked in the famed Harley Street of London and is a wizard in bending flawless imported German porcelain to give perfect shape to teeth.

From the creation of resin teeth to designing,medical procedures,Dr Sukhdeep says that by using technology ,they can show patients exactly what to expect from treatment in a physical,three-dimensional form before undergoing any clinical intervention. “We can guide young,talented men and women on how to best use their smile to their professional advantage.” Say cheese!

Diet dictates the day at Department of Lifestyle Medicine’s Clinic Rejuve at Fortis Hospital. It’s a clinic dedicated to the prevention and check of increasing lifestyle disorders,which are not only becoming more common,but affecting the younger population. “Modern lifestyles don’t leave people with quality time for healthy routines. So,it becomes vital that periodic health check-ups are done for early detection of risk factors and diseases,” says Sonia Gandhi,the dietician here.


Anyone is free to walk in the clinic and seek consultation for any problem,as a team of experts guides one towards health promotion,which is aimed at modifying an individual’s social circumstance and lifestyle so that health is improved and disease is prevented. This also leads to early detection of life-threatening ailments like heart disease and cancers. “We use lifestyle interventions in the treatment and management of disease. These include diet rectifications (good nutrition),exercise,stress management,smoking cessation,and a variety of other non-drug modalities,” adds Sonia. Comprehensive health evaluations,lifestyle and dietary counselling are the essentials here along with rejuvenation classes like yoga and aerobics. The entire programme is tailored according to individual needs of the client or company,”and as it’s specialised,there is a focus on gauging risk factors and keeping records for a healthy future,” explains Sonia.