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Sunday, December 08, 2019

Politics to light the way

A woman repeatedly tried to carry a KFC burger for a man inside the lock-up.

Chandigarh | Published: November 5, 2013 12:54:32 am

Politics to light the way

Probably getting tired of holding protest rallies every second day and burning effigies of Education department officials,the teachers union has decided to join politics,where they think their problems and long pending demands will be heard.

At a recent meeting conducted to discuss problems of the guest teachers and contractual teachers,the union members decided to make the convener of the union,Swarn Singh Kamboj,stand for the Member of Parliament elections in 2014.

Mind it!

Officials of the Education department seem to be very particular about their designations. Addressing them as somebody lower than their rank is a sure way of offending them.

This was evident at one of the green Diwali campaigns at a government school recently when the student host addressed the District Education Officer as Deputy District Education Officer. The school principal and teachers were made to apologise and asked to revise the address speech.

Please co-ordinate

With the mad rush and traffic snarls ruling city roads on the occasion of Diwali,the traffic police cops were seen trying their best to control the traffic congestion. However,at major junctions that attracted major crowds and traffic jams,the traffic police cops were found verbally abusing each other for lack of co-ordination at two separate points. The much needed walkie-talkie sets were missing in action,adding to the chaos.

No disposable cups

When it comes to tea,Panchkula’s Councillors are very particular. When a peon brought the beverage in a disposable cup during the Panchkula Municipal Corporation House meeting,he was snubbed by the elected members. The peon had to then bring the tea in fine bone china tea cups. If only they were so particular about solving the abundant problems in their respective wards!

Courtesy Call

With the new panel of IPS officers sent to the Ministry of Home Affairs for recommendations for the post of a new SSP,one of the officers mentioned in the panel was seen doing the rounds of police headquarters and office of the Inspector General of Police. Sources said that recommendation from the officer’s end to the top brass of the Chandigarh Police had already started.

What’s in a word?

A misplaced word in the agenda of the PU officials’ meeting on Friday led to the postponement of the meeting itself. The meeting was called to discuss implementation of semester system for under-graduate courses of the university,while the agenda stated it was for post-graduate courses. So offended were the officials that they chose to call off the meeting and decided to hold it when the agenda would be rightly stated.

Protest or Party?

It seems protests have become more of a ‘get together’ for the student leaders than the means to raise an issue. In a recently held protest,students were found to be cracking jokes. Slogans were raised only when a university official came to meet them.

Hunger Pangs

Though trying to sneak in ordinary food items for inmates into the Mohali court premises is common,the guards on Wednesday were surprised by two unusual attempts. A woman repeatedly tried to carry a KFC burger for a man inside the lock-up,who desperately wanted ‘only a KFC burger’.

Meanwhile,another man nonchalantly dragged a sack of walnuts for an inmate when he was stopped by a guard who asked him,“Ethe mela lageya? Bhaj ethon.” (Have you come to a fair? Run away)

No lessons learnt

After being hauled over by the Punjab and Haryana High Court for the ‘shoddy’ investigation in an accident case,UT Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Naunihal Singh seems to have learnt little from the dressing down. While the High Court Judge was dictating the order,Naunihal chose to walk out of the court room without even requesting exemption from personal appearance.

The ‘disrespect’ shown to the Court left the Judge angry and the counsels for Chandigarh Police stunned. Sensing trouble,two UT police officers accompanying their boss rushed out of the court room to call the SSP but to no avail. After the HC Judge finally exempted Naunihal on the request and apologies of the senior public prosecutor,the SSP was seen discussing the case with lawyers outside the court room.

Among UT police officials,police officials from Punjab and Haryana were also present in the court room. Witnesses to the dressing down,the officials could not help discussing why the SSP was not present in police uniform. Little did they know that the UT SSP cannot wear his uniform as,according to him,he suffers from a ‘spinal problem’.

Shot in the arm

November 11 will be a crucial date in the trial of the ‘Cash at Judge’s door’ scam. On the day,the special CBI court will decide whether to proceed with the trial and frame charges against Justice (retd) Nirmal Yadav and the co-accused or await the HC’s verdict on the revision petition,which may take several months if not years. With the Punjab and Haryana High Court returning the original record to the CBI Court,Justice (retd) Nirmal Yadav has reasons to worry.

The CBI Court,if it wants,can proceed and frame charges against her. The “virtual” stay ordered by the High Court,by summoning the entire record stands “vacated” with the return of original record.

Only photocopies of the case record will be kept by the High Court for “thorough consideration”.

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