Petite but Plush

Petite but Plush

It’s a busy part of the town during the day,with corporate offices buzzing with activity.

It’s a busy part of the town during the day,with corporate offices buzzing with activity. Post sun down,Sector 8 on Madhya Marg,where Hotel Icon is situated,might seem sleepy but surprisingly it isn’t. Much of it has to do with Lush,a petite but happening bar that has,of late,changed gears with events like puppetry shows and stand-up comedy nights.

Housed in the basement of the boutique hotel,Lush is kind of tucked away,with L-shaped interiors. But like most new setups,the interiors are modern and fresh. Despite the fact that it’s a really small area,the use of lighting and the elongated bar counter gives a spacious feeling. The focus is clearly on cocktails,wine and their famed flamed shots. It’s the latter that is the highlight and even if you aren’t ordering,someone will and the bartenders showcase their skills. Involving a stack of glasses and a flame,the drink is poured on top that percolates at the last glass,and the guest is encouraged to sip at the counter. A visual delight indeed.

Looking to bring in the crowds and including those,like us,who haven’t checked out Lush yet,there’s a unique liquid buffet on offer as well. One can choose from top end brands like Jura,Dalmore,Whyte and Mackay and Pinky vodka to a selection of mocktails (surprisingly) and wines too. We settled for a bubbly and Watermelon Delight for the non-drinker in the group. The watermelon drink was,as expected,fresh and light. The buffet also brings in a selection of starters paired with the drinks. On the day of our visit,we sampled smoked salmon canapés,roasted asparagus wrapped in chicken ham,bruschetta with tomato and basil and Oriental stir fried greens. The salmon was really well done but the asparagus was insipid and could do with a fiery dressing.

What wins Lush’s snack buffet brownie points from us is the use of brown bread in the canapés and multigrain bread,baked in-house,for the bruschetta. If it’s a weekend out with friends,the liquid buffet makes sense as there are no restrictions on the number of drinks. But as responsible hoteliers,Lush has tied up with radio taxis which are available on request. Expect a ten minute waiting time though. Or get the friend who sipped on Watermelon Delight to drive you home.

Meal for two:Rs 2,000

Location:SCO 58-61,Sector 8 C,Madhya Marg,Chandigarh