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Monday, July 23, 2018

‘People support demonetisation’: Sanjay Tandon after Chandigarh Municipal Corporation polls

Tandon said, “Congress tried to talk of no other issue than demonetisation, which left the Congress on the wrong side (of the results)."

Written by Hina Rohatki | Chandigarh | Published: December 21, 2016 10:21:55 am
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Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s move of demonetisation coupled with proper planning were the main reasons of their victory in the Municipal Corporation polls, Chandigarh BJP chief Sanjay Tandon claimed Tuesday.

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Tandon said, “Congress tried to talk of no other issue than demonetisation, which left the Congress on the wrong side (of the results). The more they talked about it, the more we replied and the more people got convinced and that was one major thing that defeated them.”

He added, “Demonetisation has been supported by people. Demonetisation is one issue that had affected every person in the country. The response of common man is much mature than a political person. Due to this reason, the common man reacted against people who were trying to paint this issue in black.”

Even as there was infighting within the BJP and senior leaders had called the selection of the candidates ‘wrong’ and there was resentment among many over not getting tickets, the first timers who were fielded also defeated the heavy weights.

“Initial reactions came from some leaders but high command pulled them up and then they did not speak anything.. Later they did not participate in any campaigning and I solely had to run the show, brought in all the star pracharakhs. The declaration of candidates five days earlier than the Congress was one important thing which helped in winning. We got ample time to control those people who got upset with the list declaration,” he said.

On the reasons why Congress lost, Tandon added, “ For Congress, the whole campaign was misconceived. They had no proper structure- no media center, no social media team rather I had managed all these fronts at the personal level- the team that would send SMSes, whatsapp or video. I planned the voice call to 2.5 lakh voters an evening before the polls, at the them when Congress is unable to give the reply of it because the audio is recorded eight hours before.”

On BJP’s strategy, Tandon said they had a battery of leaders and their visits to particular wards were carefully planned.

“We had carefully planned every leader’s visit according to people staying in different wards. Like in sector 22, there are mostly people staying in Haryana so Haryana Chief Minister was got in there. Similarly, in the area where Uttarakhand people were staying, we got in our Uttarakhand leader. So after doing a proper survey in wards, their visits were planned,” Tandon said.

The BJP had roped in leaders from different communities to address people from various communities staying in
the city.

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