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<i>Ocher Art’s debut show is a visual treat,owing to its varied themes and styles</i>

Written by Parul | Published: February 28, 2013 1:35:37 am

With a collection of 90 works by various artists from across the country on display,Ocher Art’s debut art show is impressive. A Chandigarh-based online gallery,Ocher Art works to promote art in the city. According to Baani Sekhon,the curator of the show and an artist herself,the endeavour is to “develop an exciting debate” on the contemporary art scene in Chandigarh and set new ambitions for the future.

“We have a selection of many well-known artists and the show aims to facilitate a cross-cultural dialogue in the current scenario,” said Sekhon. Interestingly,the gallery offers free membership to artists and buyers,and is tailored to meet the needs of both sections. The artists have an account where they can update the portfolios and explain their works. “Ocher Art doesn’t want to rule out the traditional method of viewing art physically; so we would be curating exhibitions like this on a regular basis. The works will also be available online,” said Sekhon.

The ongoing exhibition showcases works in acrylic-on-canvas and oils,with a few sculptures in metal by Ludhiana-based Harminder Singh Boparai. Satyajit Das from Bhubaneshwar has interesting works depicting Lord Hanuman. There’s one which shows Hanuman stuck in traffic and another endearing work,titled Ganesha with his friend.

Another artist,Sanjay Sable from Nasik,has worked with dark hues and his work titled Good News shows men reading newspapers closely. Elsewhere,Satyajeet Shinde’s monkey men are striking,with green dominating his paintings and various patterns creating interesting moods. Pradiptaa Chakraborty,a participating artist from Sirsa,has painted himself ,sometimes with family and friends,and a backdrop of flowers find its way in many of his works.

Ramchandra Kharatmal’s works are in a series,depicting a girl from her childhood to teenage. Paper fans,swings and wind give movement to colour in this Pune-based artist’s works. Another artist from Pune,Suresh Gulage has worked with different shades of a colour to present a striking orange village,a blue cityscape and a rainbow hued buildings with intricate patterns of windows.

Many of the works are spiritual in nature — with different series on Buddha,Radha and Krishna and Ganesha. Colours such as blue and white express devotion in these works. Varsha Kharatmal from Pune looks inspired by Indian miniature paintings and murals and she has painted dancers,and a couple engrossed in thought. A vibrant colour palette,different themes,decorative patterns and a variety of subjects make the exhibition a visual treat.

The exhibition is on at the Museum Art Gallery till March 3.

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