Of Pink Petals & Thunderstorms

Mukesh Kumar showcases his love for the lotus flower at his first solo exhibition.

Written by Sheveta Bhatia | Published: January 4, 2012 2:30:24 am

Every evening after school,Mukesh Kumar would walk a mile to be by the side of a small pond with lotus flowers inside,in his hometown Hazaribag,Jharkhand. He would sit there for long,appreciating the beauty of the flower,formation of its leaves and the “peace that surrounded it”.

“Each time I saw the same lotus,it had a different shade of pink and its dimensions varied. For me,the flower was something that understood me and reflected my moods,” says Kumar,now a masters student at Government College of Art,Sector 10. His interactions with his “first love” have now found expression through canvas at his first solo exhibition.

The show at Flamme Bois Bistro,Sector 7,has captured all his emotions through various facets of lotus,with special emphasis on its petals and leaves. Most of the works showcasing the flower in what appears like dark,stormy waters.

“This was unintentional,” says the 25-year-old,adding,“I just thought about lotus while painting and the backdrop came naturally. I guess I find darkness just as beautiful as the lotus and so the connect.” His 11 paintings dominate the space with a dark colour palette and a judicious use of the impasto technique.

The only two paintings that stand apart in the show are those done in white with brush strokes of yellow. These look like reflection of lotus on a white surface.

“I wanted to experiment with the flower and see how it looks without colour,” says Kumar.

Kumar,who first painted lotus while he was pursuing his graduation from College of Art and Craft,Patna,says,“It was also motivated by the fact that three of my paintings sold for Rs 40,000 in Patna.”

So,Kumar went on to paint about 70 oil and acrylic paintings with lotus as the muse. But incidentally,his favorite is the one that showcases the composition of leaves in a dark blue pond and highlights the stem and the algae surrounding it. The exhibition has been put together by Art File,a city-based art consultancy.

The exhibition is on at Flamme Bois Bistro,Sector 7,till January 8

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