Namdhari sect chief’s brother hits back: ‘I too have reasons to believe Uday involved in Chand Kaur murder’

Thakur Dalip Singh, the estranged brother, also organised a separate bhog ceremony for his aunt at his Jeewan Nagar dera in Sirsa, Haryana.

Written by Divya Goyal | Ludhiana | Updated: April 11, 2016 9:43:55 am
At the parallel bhog ceremony for Chand Kaur at Sirsa. Express At the parallel bhog ceremony for Chand Kaur at Sirsa. Express

DAYS AFTER the incumbent Namdhari sect satguru Uday Singh accused his estranged older brother of being behind the murder of their aunt, Chand Kaur, the older brother hit back on Saturday saying he too had reason to believe that Uday Singh was involved in the killing.

Thakur Dalip Singh, the estranged brother, also organised a separate bhog ceremony for his aunt at his Jeewan Nagar dera in Sirsa, Haryana. “Uday Singh is so insecure of the gaddi that he feared if Mata (Chand Kaur) tried to bring the family together again, his gaddi (throne) might be snatched. It is with a heavy heart that I have organised this separate bhog ceremony.

There cannot be a more unlucky person than me. I was not allowed to see either Satguru Jagjit Singh or Mata Chand Kaur for the last time. Uday Singh, my younger brother, I would like to ask you that on what basis are you accusing me of murdering my satguru?

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In fact, I too have no reason to believe that either you or Jagtar Singh (his brother-in-law) are involved in this conspiracy. You both were always are loggerhead with her because she wanted to see the Guru family united. Maybe, you cleared your path and eliminated her to secure your gaddi. It seems you were waiting for me to return from abroad so you could frame me,” Dalip Singh said from the stage.

Thousands of his followers attended the bhog ceremony at Sirsa, where the supporters of Uday Singh had held a protest march on Friday and had urged the deputy commissioner to stop this ceremony. No violence was, however, reported on Saturday. There was heavy police presence at the area.

Dalip Singh further alleged that Uday Singh was now inheriting property worth crores. “Let me remind you that it was Mata who went door to door and collected every single penny that made Bhaini Sahib and not you. You are now chairman of Namdhari Seeds, worth crores, which too was born from hard-earned money of followers and our elders,” Dalip said.

Addressing the followers, Dalip further questioned why Uday Singh had expelled his own parents from Bhaini Sahib. “My parents are also your parents. It is understandable that you were insecure of me because but why were they thrown out of Bhaini Sahib? In 2003, our father Maharaja Bir Singh and mother Dalip Kaur were expelled. It was Mata Chand Kaur who called us back in 2006. She wanted us to see united. But you never liked it. Even after the death of our father in 2008, you ousted me and our mother from Bhaini Sahib in 2009 using police force.

Mata Chand Kaur cried a lot but you did not listen to her. And today you say that she was your mother and that you are Satguru? You did not even let me and my mother see Satguru Jagjit Singh for last time in hospital or attend his cremation. A similar thing has been done again,” said Dalip. He also lashed out at his brother-in-law Jagtar Singh, son-in-law of Chand Kaur and husband of her daughter Sahib Kaur and alleged that he was hand-in-glove with Uday Singh.

Dalip, however, said his sister Sahib Kaur ‘truly deserved’ to be the satguru. “She is the daughter of Chand Kaur and late Satuguru Jagjit Singh. No doubt, they always considered me and Uday as their sons but their daughter has full rights to their gaddi. Why can’t a woman be the heir of her parents?,” Dalip said.

Uday Singh and Dalip Singh are nephews of satguru late Jagjit Singh and Chand Kaur. A succession row followed after death of Jagjit Singh in 2012 and while Dalip Singh wanted Chand Kaur to be the satguru, she favoured Uday Singh. The Namdhari sect has close to six lakh followers across Punjab and Haryana.

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