My Shoe is called Libra

My Shoe is called Libra

Swati Mehrotra makes footwear to match a client’s zodiac sign and horoscope. Gimmick or good design?

When one of her clients recently got married,footwear designer Swati Mehrotra was happy claiming it as a victory of her astro-footwear therapy. “My client was going through a tough phase. But when she came to me and I designed footwear for her,she changed as a person. She became more positive. So when she got married within a year’s time,it was a double celebration for me,” says Mehrotra,who sells from Delhi,and recently participated in Aarna,a fashion exhibition in Mumbai.

Often critiqued as a gimmicky sales tactic,Mehrotra’s zodiac footwear has been the talking point of her brief career. “I have always been fascinated by astrology. So when I finished my three-year course in footwear design from the Footwear Design and Development institute (FDDI) in Noida,I decided to combine both my passions — footwear design and astrology — under the Swati Modo label,” she reminisces.

What followed was a sun sign- based collection of shoes for both men and women. Her zodiac collection dwells on chromopathy — healing with colour. “For instance,blue and pink are the most favourable for Libra,so the shoe for Librans has both these colours,” explains Mehrotra. The second line is personalised as it is based on an individual’s horoscope. “I have my team of seven astrologers who I consult. Every horoscope has its own lucky number,auspicious colour and type of wood,so I make the footwear keeping this in mind and that too,in a particular shubh muhurta,” says Mehrotra. Leather is inauspicious,believes Mehrotra,so she never uses it.

Interestingly,a majority of her clients are men. And what about her many detractors? Mehrotra says that she has made peace with them. “I am not saying that my shoes are the panacea to all problems,but they will have a positive effect for sure,” she concludes.