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Friday, July 20, 2018

Mistaken to be Kala Kachha gangster,thrashed guy turns out to be labourer

Gang scare : 31-year-old from Orissa came to Ambala in search of job; police support his claim

Pune | Published: August 20, 2013 2:35:36 am

A day after a 31-year-old man,mistaken to be a member of the ‘Kala Kachha’ gang,was mercilessly thrashed,it emerged that he was a labourer from Orissa and had no association with the gang. Blame it on the rising scare of the “Kala Kachha” gang,Ramesh Ishwar was assaulted and wounded by residents of Jhampur village on Sunday,mistaking him to be a member of the gang.

Preliminary investigations done by the Mohali Police have absolved him of the charge.

Ishwar,31,from Rajkanika block of Orissa’s Kendrapara district,had come to Ambala a few days back to work as a labourer. The Mohali Police on Monday confirmed that the “accused” was not a member of any gang but was a labourer.

Now the police will take action against those who assaulted Ishwar for no fault of his.

According to the police,around 3.40 on Sunday morning,the police received a call from the village about an attempted robbery. On reaching the spot,they saw an unidentified injured man whom the villagers accused of being a member of the ‘Kala Kachha’ gang.

Profusely bleeding,Ishwar was rushed to the Kharar Civil Hospital,and a case of theft and house-breaking under sections 380,457 and 511 of the IPC was registered against him after the Gram Panchayat gave a written statement accusing him of trying to break into the house of one Amarjeet Singh.

According to Investigating Officer Avtar Singh,the villagers said that the “accused” was spotted on Amarjeet’s rooftop,and when somebody raised the alarm,the accused jumped from the roof and fell onto a “pile of stones” which caused the injuries.

The police,however,contested this claim. “A jagrata was organised that night at the house of one Gyan Singh,due to which there were some outsiders in the village. Somebody probably raised a false alarm due to the unfounded fear of ‘Kala Kachha’ gangs prevalent in this area,and then the man must have been beaten up by a mob,” said Singh,adding that “in a mob,even innocent people turn into anti-social elements”.

The police,however,were unable to identify the accused as he initially did not speak at all owing to the trauma,and when he spoke,the police failed to understand his language,which sounded like “Kannada”.

The man,however,was able to speak in broken Hindi when contacted by Chandigarh Newsline. He said that he along with some other people from his block arrived at Ambala a few days ago to work as labourers. This statement was backed by the police who said that they found a ticket dated August 16 from Delhi to Ambala on his person. Once in Ambala,Ishwar continued,a man brought him to this area (SAS Nagar district) on a motorcycle promising him a job as a labourer but left him alone. Ishwar said that he neither had any money or food nor any way to contact his family or anyone else he knew.

He had no idea of the place he was in as he did not understand the local language. He said that on the night of the incident,he was simply sleeping when the villagers came and beat him up. He did not remember much after that because he suffered several head injuries,and only remembered waking up in the hospital. He is unmarried and has four brothers and two sisters back in Orissa.

IO Singh said that after the medical examination was over,the police would investigate further and take strict action against those responsible.

Asked about the growing ‘Kala Kachha’ scare in the region,he said,“Not one incident of such a gang has been reported in the area. It’s only the rumour-mongers who are spreading the panic. We patrol the area all through the night but never have we come across anyone in a ‘kala kachha’. Why would somebody from the South or from Africa as some people are saying come to Punjab and commit robberies? It’s a ridiculous rumour.”


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