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Monday, July 16, 2018

Mission Admission

UT Education Department these days is being frequented by harried parents concerned about the admission of their wards in entry level classes in schools of their choice.

Written by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: January 16, 2012 3:04:31 am

The UT Education Department these days is being frequented by harried parents concerned about the admission of their wards in entry level classes in schools of their choice. A number of such parents who were relatives of either politicians,bureaucrats or other influential people,were seen approaching the officials for their wards’ admission to city’s prominent private schools. Even the official meetings these days are not uninterrupted. DPI (Schools) Sandeep Hans,who was holding a meeting in his office,was interrupted atleast five times by parents knocking on his door seeking his help.

Second time lucky?

The candidate fielded by Bahujan Samaj Party from Mohali for the Assembly elections in Punjab had earlier tried his luck in the elections for Municipal Corporation Chandigarh. Contesting from ward number 11 comprising of Sector 56 and Palsora the candidate had managed to garner less than 2,400 votes. However,his supporters have expressed hope that he would be luckier this time round.

Hospital extends hospitality

After the recent scuffle between the handball teams of Chandigarh and Kerala,as the injured players of the Kerala team were admitted to Government Multi Specialty Hospital,Sector 16 the staff tried putting its best foot forward. The injured were given brand new blankets for the night and treated to wafers and tea. Seemed like an attempt to make up for loss of face due to the beating given to the guests.

God vs God

To highlight the “pain” caused to the Hindu community because of the remarks allegedly made by Swami Agnivesh against the Amarnath Yatra,counsel for the complainant counter questioned the Judge as to how he would feel if remarks are made against one of the Sikh gurus. This “citation” did not go down very well with the Court as the Court elucidated the difference between remarks made against a Guru and those made against Guru’s yatra. The Court kept asking as to why the complainant is so intolerant.

Inspection Spree

The newly elected Mayor Raj Bala Malik is on a spree to conduct inspections at construction sites where the MC is undertaking work on various projects. With officials in tow the Mayor has visited a number of projects and sought speedy completion of work. The visits of the officers to the Mayor’s room have witnessed an increase. While some Congress leaders who had made the Mayor’s room their permanent abode over the past few years are less frequently spotted.

Unrecognised Compliment

Trying to help a scribe in getting information about a spot landed a police officer in a spot of bother. The scribe had called the officer who made him wait for a while after which he connected him to the Investigation officer through a conference call. Later,in order to appreciate the gesture,the journalist sent a message to the cop which sent the officer in a tizzy who thought the journalist was being sarcastic as he had made him wait. What followed was a round of apologies and the journalist had to work hard to explain that his appreciation was genuine.


Chief Parliamentary Secretary of Haryana government Jaleb Khan was in town this week to chair the district public relations and grievance redressal committee of Panchkula. After the meeting,a woman intercepted Khan and asked for his attention on some civic issues. To her utter surprise,she was told,by Khan,that they would continue to face such problems as long as they vote for INLD. Khan seemed ignorant of the fact that Panchkula was represented by Congress leader D K Bansal in the Assembly. In fact Bansal was earlier part of the meeting that went on for over two hours.

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