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‘Mental torture,blackmail by Kanda,Chadha pushed Geetika to suicide’

The police on Saturday submitted their chargesheet in the Geetika Sharma suicide case against former Haryana Minister Gopal Goyal Kanda and his associate Aruna Chadha.

The police on Saturday submitted their chargesheet in the Geetika Sharma suicide case against former Haryana Minister Gopal Goyal Kanda and his associate Aruna Chadha.

The 1,028-page chargesheet said Gopal Kanda and Aruna Chadha unleashed “a series of malicious acts of mental torture,threat,blackmail and stress” on former air hostess Geetika Sharma which led to her suicide.

Twenty-three-year-old Geetika was found dead on August 5 at her Ashok Vihar residence in Northwest Delhi. In her suicide note,Geetika said she was ending her life as she was being “harassed” by Kanda and Chadha.

The police have booked Kanda and Aruna on charges of abetment to suicide,criminal conspiracy,criminal intimidation,destroying evidence,forging records,forgery of valuable security will and hacking computers for wrongful gains.


The statement of a gynaecologist submitted with the chargesheet (copies of which are with Newsline) reveals that Aruna made Geetika terminate her pregnancy in March this year.

The abortion was done at a clinic in Lajpat Nagar,the chargesheet stated.

The statement of the gynaecologist who conducted the abortion reads,“…..I know Aruna Chadha who is my old and regular patient and I am well acquainted with her family members too. I got a call from Aruna Chadha on my cellphone seeking prior appointment in respect of her friend Geetika Sharma … Thereafter,Aruna Chadha came to my clinic on 9/2/2012 along with one Geetika Sharma,with the history of early pregnancy. She wanted an abortion.”

According to the chargesheet,Geetika was so harassed that she had prepared a complaint against Kanda and mailed it to herself. The draft of the complaint was recovered by police from her email address. In that complaint,she alleged that some foul play was being attempted against her and that she was being forced to join MDLR Group again.

The chargesheet also revealed that two emails — dated October 6 and 14,2010 — sent by Kanda show that he was pressurising Geetika to apply for quashing of an FIR against actress Nupur Mehta and Ankita,another MDLR employee.

“Ankita has not joined investigation and is hiding in Singapore,” read the chargesheet.

According to the chargesheet,Geetika was recruited as trainee,cabin crew,at the behest of Kanda on October 18,2006.

“Investigations have revealed that while 11 persons were recruited along with Geetika in 2006,all of them either left or were dismissed before the company suspended its operation on October 5,2009. Only Geetika was retained and rapidly promoted,with hefty increases in salary and appointment to senior management positions such as coordinator,MDLR Group,even though she had studied only till Class XII …” the chargesheet said.

In the last 24 hours before her death,the police said Geetika was “harassed,threatened and subjected to false allegations,which forced her to commit suicide”.

The chargesheet stated that telephone records revealed that,on August 3,MDLR employee Ankit Ahluwalia spoke to Geetika and conveyed Kanda’s threat that if she did not sign the petition for quashing the FIR against Nupur Mehta and Ankita,a false police complaint would be filed against her.

The same evening,Aruna Chadha called Geetika’s mother and levelled allegations about Geetika’s character,police said.

Police said the call upset Geetika’s mother and she tried calling Kanda on August 4,but he did not answer. Kanda later called her back,police said. Police said he threatened to lodge a false FIR against Geetika if she did not join MDLR.

Police said Geetka’s mother told her about this conversation. This made Geetika “extremely depressed and distressed and was driven to commit suicide on the same night,” the chargesheet stated.

Police further said as part of a criminal conspiracy ,a forged NOC,dated May 22,2010,was prepared by Chadha and Kanda and issued to Geetika. Geetika wanted this to join Emirates Airlines.


Police said the NOC became one of the reasons for her removal from Emirates Airlines. Kanda and Aruna had issued it in the name of Rajiv Kumar Parashar who was not on the payroll of MDLR at that time. The two had forged Parashar’s signature with the motive of claiming later that Geetika had made the fake NOC.