MC closes road in Sec 18 for repair work; residents say were not informed

As there was no prior notice, an auto-rickshaw and a car had a head on collision in Sector 18.

By: Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: June 8, 2014 4:50:05 am

The V-4 road (roads dividing a sector into a half) in Sector 18 was closed unannounced by Municipal Corporation officials on Friday around 10 pm. The officials have started scarifying of the road by four inches in patches and the road will be closed for a week. The same will be done in Sector 15, 27 and 28 V-4 roads.

Mukesh Anand, MC chief engineer said, “We will be carrying out the scarifying work in the sector for another week. The road will be mended in patches.” He added, “Level of the road has to be decreased by 4 inches. The road was damaged and re-carpeting would have resulted in increase of its height further.”

Anand added that the road repairs will be done from 10 pm onwards. “In day it is too hot so the work will begin as the traffic rush decreases. Same will be done in Sector 15, 27 and 28.”

As there was no prior notice about the same, an auto-rickshaw and car had a head on collision at the dividing road of Sector 18-B and C. Police officers said the road from the Sector 18-19 lightpoint towards Sector 18 was closed around 9.30 pm for repair. The entire traffic which was entering Sector 18 was diverted from the left lane.

Around 10.30 pm, an auto which was coming from Sector 19, driven by Raj Kumar and a Honda City car which was coming from Sector 18, driven by a resident of Sector 18, Vikram Brar, had a head on collision.

Due to the impact, the auto-rickshaw was pushed on to the divider of the road and was left hanging on the median. Police officers said that both vehicles were at high speed. PCR was informed by a passerby and Raj Kumar who suffered minor injures was taken to the hospital.

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