Mayor tries to bring order to House on Facebook

Mayor Subhash Chawla seems to have taken a fancy to Facebook for airing his views.

Written by Khushboo Sandhu | Chandigarh | Published: April 1, 2013 2:44:09 am

Mayor Subhash Chawla seems to have taken a fancy to Facebook for airing his views. From venting his ire on the BJP for its actions in the House to his dilemma over house tax,the mayor is sharing all his predicaments on the social networking site.

The most recent posts are about the conduct of BJP councillors in the MC House. During the recent meeting,the BJP-SAD councillors had held a protest by tying black bands around their mouths and holding posters in their hands with slogans against imposition of taxes. In fact,the meetings in the past few months have witnessed many arguments.

Commenting on the state of affairs,the Mayor has said that “BJP kaafi pareshaan kar rahee hai. Kuchh log yeh teh kar chukeyn hein kee kaam nahi karney dena. (BJP is creating trouble. Some people have decided that they will not let work happen).”

He goes on to say,“Mudon kee tlaash mein bhatak rahi hai CHD,BJP (BJP is looking for issues).” Another comment states that,“Hungama karna hi rajneeti nahi hai (To create a ruckus is not politics).”

Chawla says that issues that occupy his mind are the ones that he shares on Facebook. “There are certain things that I feel need to be taken care of. The BJP councillors are repeatedly giving the message that they would not let me function. The feedback that I am receiving from people on Facebook has been quite positive,” he says.

The BJP councillors are not amused with the rantings of the Mayor against them. Arun Sood,who is the leader of the BJP in the MC House,says,“The action of the Mayor is kiddish. He is in such a position that he should speak responsibly and sensibly instead of commenting unnecessarily. He is predicting that the BJP would not let him function. He is acting like a dictator and stalled our agendas in the last meeting of the House.”

Another BJP councillor,Saurabh Joshi,shares similar views. He says that instead of updating status messages about BJP in the middle of the night,the Mayor should think about improving the quality of life of people and providing better facilities. Joshi adds that the Mayor had made a promise after being elected that no taxes would be imposed. Despite that,house tax was imposed. People need an answer to that.

His familiar face & book of quotes

March 30

Kuchh aur neta BJP ko alvida kehne ke mood mein hain

March 2

There was a 2-hour debate on MC budget at a meeting held on Feb 28th out of which BJP councillors spoke 1 and half hour. Now they are blaming in the media that “MAYOR NE HAME BOL NE KE LIYE PAANCH MINUTE KA BHEE SAMYE NAHI DIYA”. MC has video recording of the meeting,anybody can watch it.

Feb 25

Chandigarh administration is putting pressure on MC to impose house tax in Chd,the administration feels that to get grants under JNNURM,house tax is must. The nominated councillors r also for imposition of house tax. Matter will be discussed in coming MC house meeting on 28th. I am undecided till 2day.

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