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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Linguistic Extremism

The recent incidents of ‘mentally deranged’ persons indulging in linguistic extremism,by blackening English and Hindi signboards in the city,are not only unfortunate but very dangerous too

Published: August 26, 2013 3:52:51 am

Linguistic Extremism

The recent incidents of ‘mentally deranged’ persons indulging in linguistic extremism,by blackening English and Hindi signboards in the city,are not only unfortunate but very dangerous too. Chandigarh,being a Union Territory and the joint capital of Punjab and Haryana,has a metropolis outlook with a universal appeal. The city has a history of communal harmony. Even during the periods when communal frenzy had been on its peak in the region,as well as in the nation,the city displayed a very mature attitude and communal harmony was not only nurtured but maintained as well. But such incidents of mindless vandalism can create a situation that can be very unpleasant. The Administration must act firmly to nip the evil in the bud. Strict action should be taken against such linguistic extremists,who pose a grave threat to the peace and tranquility and at the same time harm the interests of the language,which they are trying to promote in a rather undemocratic and fascist way. All languages are sacred entities,with their own in-built strengths. People should be encouraged to learn more and more national,as well as international languages,as languages act as bridges between people. A K Sharma,CHANDIGARH

Stray cattle menace

This refers to the news report,“Rs 35 lakh spent,no respite” in the Chandigarh Newsline dated August 23. It was indeed shocking to note that the Municipal Corporation,Chandigarh had spent Rs 35 lakh to deal with the stray cattle menace in the city and has still failed to check the same. Even more shocking is the news of the death of Atma Ram,who died in the city’s Sector 32 hospital on August 22,after being hit by stray cattle on the roundabout of Sector 31-32-46-47 on the night of August 17. Even on August 20,a 26-year-old,Avinash Kumar,died in the same hospital after he was hit by stray cattle on the Sector 46-49 dividing road on August 16. This is the third death since April when a 36-year-old,Harpreet Singh Sodhi,became the first victim of the menace. Three deaths on account of the stray cattle menace in the city in just five months is a matter of grave concern. It is not understood as to why the MC and Chandigarh Administration have been unable to check stray cattle roaming freely on the city roads and streets. Whose cattle are these? It was also shameful to read that some of the impounded cattle of Congressmen were released by the MC on Mayor Subhash Chawla’s orders,instead of punishing them and realising financial penalty from them. The city roads have turned into death traps by the unchecked stray cattle menace. The guilty MC officials and Horticulture department officials who allow the grazing of cattle on the green belts of the city after taking monthly bribes from the owners of these so-called stray cattle must be booked and tried for murders of innocent two-wheeler riders who have died due to their negligence.

R K Kapoor,Chandigarh

Steps for better midday meals

To implement the midday meal scheme effectively,there is a greater need of participation from parents,teachers,government officials and local NGOs,who are required to monitor the food being prepared and served to students. The authorities concerned need to procure the cooking materials including flour rice,pulses and fresh vegetables of high quality. Daily cleanliness of kitchens and the store where the food is cooked and raw material including pulses,flour and vegetables are stored must be ensured. Cooks and helpers,who are supposed to prepare the food,must trim their nails and tie their hair before cooking or serving the food. Principals or heads of schools are required to be personally accountable for ensuring hygienic midday meals. Besides,we have to change our complacent attitude. Oil from reputed companies besides iodine salt and spices need to be used. Also,those responsible should be awarded the maximum punishment under the law as they do not have any right to play with lives of our children,who are the future of the nation.

S K Khosla,Chandigarh

Quality of midday meals

The midday meal scheme is being implemented in schools at an all-India level and despite the fact that lakhs of rupees are being spent,the administration at different centers could not provide healthy food to the students. It is surprising to note that dead flies,mosquitoes and insect-infested rice and rotten vegetables were found in the midday meal served to the students at some centers. Fungus was also found in drinking water tanks. The administration seems to be non-serious and is giving slow poison to the students,the future of the country,in the form of midday meals. However,to overcome all these problems and shortcomings,which are very serious in nature,the concerned authorities must ensure and make the process of supervision and distribution stricter and effective from the point of cleanliness at the place of cooking,transportation,storage and distribution. Moreover,the positive steps are required to be initiated strictly to have the daily inspection reports by the respective inspectors in the schools confirming in writing that the meals are good in quality,quantity,hygiene and taste.

Puran Kant,Chandigarh

Zero FIR concept missing?

WHILE surfing the official website of Haryana Police,it has been specified under the heading ‘How to report a crime’ that,in case,one has to lodge an FIR or report a crime,he/she is advised to go to his/her nearest police station to do so. It is necessary the complaints/crime one wants to report to the police should have occurred in the jurisdiction area of the police station one goes to. Although on face it appears quite logical but insistence on approaching that very police station goes against certain Supreme Court verdicts,particularly the one delivered in October,1999 (Satvinder Kaur v/s State of Delhi) where the apex court ruled there is no bar on lodging an FIR at a different police station even if the incident happened at a place not under its jurisdiction. The same ruling has been reiterated in various subsequent verdicts of the Supreme Court. It is supposed that in such cases,after conducting preliminary investigation,the officer-in-charge of the police station would get the case transferred to the concerned police station. I feel highly peeved that despite highlighting this anomaly in these columns earlier,the same has not been rectified till date for reasons best known to concerned authorities. Meanwhile,in the aftermath of last year’s horrific Delhi gangrape,the Union Ministry of Home Affairs on 10th May,this year,issued an advisory (No.15011/35/2013 ) to all state governments to strictly enforce the concept of registration of FIR irrespective of territorial jurisdiction,commonly referred to as “Zero FIR”. It is pertinent to mention that only recently,it has been reported how the Delhi Police registered an FIR on the complaint of a minor girl alleging sexual assault by self-styled godman Asaram Bapu,although the alleged offence was reportedly committed in Rajasthan. The Delhi Police,after registration of the Zero FIR,transferred the case to Rajasthan for further action. Amidst all this,I request the Haryana DGP to order incorporation of suitable amendments to the guidelines related to lodging of an FIR on their official website so as to prevent any discomfort to victims or informants of crime. Also there ought to wide-spread propagation of Zero FIR concept both online and offline not only by Haryana Police but also by neighbouring Punjab and Chandigarh counterparts as well.

Hemant Kumar,Ambala

Errors in MC directory

This in not the first time that errors have cropped up in the Municipal Corporation’s 74-page telephone directory as well as in the official diary. Earlier,in the previous year too,a string of mistakes were found in the dairy and telephone directory of the Municipal Corporation. City MP Pawan Kumar Bansal,according to the Municipal Corporation,still resides at Feroze Shah Road,New Delhi,even though he shifted to his official residence at Ashoka Road,New Delhi. Residential addresses of some councilors have been printed wrong as well.

This shows the corporation has not made any effort to check for any errors before getting it printed. Mistakes about Bansal’s residence were found in the year 2012 directory too. Are officers or councilors unaware of residences of Members of Parliament in New Delhi? Even as thousands of rupees are spend on the printing of these directories,the officials responsible for these goof-ups get away easily. This shows utter negligence on the corporation officials part and is a matter of shame that the residence of an ex-officio member of the corporation house cum city MP is being printed wrong since the last two years. Unfortunately,none of the councilors have raised such issues in the house,showing councilors as well officials like the work running the way it is. Sachin Sharma,Chandigarh

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