Last day,last show,and the LAST TELEGRAM

Last day,last show,and the LAST TELEGRAM

There was no dearth of young people at CTO using the age-old service on Sunday; The scene was the same at BSNL office

“To the most loving grandparents ever. You are holding last telegram in your hand. The telegram says Sayonara.” This was one of those 500-odd telegrams that were booked at the Central Telegraph Office (CTO),Chandigarh,on Sunday,hours before the service was formally discontinued. And this was also the first and the last telegram of Chitvan,an under-graduate student at Panjab University.

There was no dearth of young people at CTO using the age-old service on Sunday. Most of them did not even know about the service till a few days back when the news came that it was soon going to be discontinued.

Divyansh Sagar,14,who sent the telegram to his mother,wrote,“Yo Mummy,this is the last telegram in India. Mama you are the best mom. Love you.”

“I am back from USA after vacation and when I was told by Dad about its closure,I wanted to send one,” said Divyansh. Sumit Sagar Dogra,who accompanied his son Divyansh,has fond memories related to telegram. “The earliest memory I have related to telegram is from 1987,when I got the one informing me about my CDS interview,” said Sumit.


The BSNL office saw many youngsters flocking to send telegrams. Viresh,an engineering student of Panjab University,had a special reason to be at CTO. “I am here with my cousin to send a telegram to my grandfather. I was told that when my cousin was born,he sent a telegram to my mother informing about her birth. Now we both wanted to send him our regards and convey our love through the last telegram,” said Viresh.

Animesh Rana,senior telegram master at CTO who has been working with the telegram department for 30 years,said,“The office hour is till five only. But there are so many people coming to send the last telegram of their life. We will not disappoint anyone today even if we have to sit here till 10 pm.”

He added,“On average,we send 100 telegrams a day but today we booked around 500 telegrams. We booked many messages on phonogram.”

Amrindar Singh,a resident of Sector 49,said,“It is a historic day. We want to secure these last telegrams for our children and the next generation.”

Ratish Verma,a businessman from Chandigarh,came to send a message to his brother who has recently bought a new car. “I am also sending a telegram to my sister in Delhi who is not well,” he said.

Charanjeet Kaur,a senior telegram master,said: “I will also be sending telegrams to my friends and relatives and one to myself. I will keep it as a memoir to show it to the next generation as to where I worked all these years.”