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Judge bribery: Yadav’s letter to Moily contradicts Ravinder Singh’s stand

Judge bribery: Yadav’s letter to Moily contradicts Ravinder Singh’s stand

In “stark” contradiction to the stand taken by Delhi hotelier Ravinder Singh in the cash-at-judge’s door scam,Justice (retd) Nirmal Yadav in a letter written to M Veerappa Moily,the then Union Law Minister,had claimed that share of each of 18 co-purchasers in the Solan land deal did not exceed Rs 31,000.

Stating that the entire purchase price (of the land in Solan) was Rs 5.5 lakh,Yadav disclaimed all association with the amount of Rs 15 lakh which Ravinder Singh claims to have got delivered to Yadav on August 14,2008.

The letter which came to light on Friday was written by Yadav to Moily on November 6,2010. “I categorically state the said amount of 15 lakhs was not for me,” Yadav wrote in her two-page letter which was read out by CBI special public prosecutor Anupam Gupta on Friday.

Gupta argued that the stand taken by Yadav was in “stark and direct contradiction” to the stand taken by co- accused Ravinder Singh. Yadav further wrote that “the total sale consideration was Rs 5,52,000 (5.5 lakhs). There are 18 co-purchasers,the share of each co-purchaser was Rs 30,666”.


Significantly,the letter written by Yadav does not identify any of the co-purchasers. Yadav,in her letter,also claimed that she and her family members paid through cheque and that no cash payment was made by them. Countering this,CBI prosecutor Anupam Gupta said that the cheques were antedated and were encashed several days after the land deal.

Interestingly,Yadav’s letter is completely silent about Ravinder Singh.

Pointing out another contradiction,Gupta said that Yadav said,in her letter,that share of each co-purchaser was “equal”. However,Ravinder Singh has told the court that the amount of share cannot be quantified as it (share) was a “matter of understanding between co-purchasers”.

Lawyer Sanjiv Bansal,a co-accused in the case,has also taken the stand that he had got the said Rs 15 lakh delivered at the residence of Justice Yadav on the morning of August 14,2008,as asked by Ravinder Singh.

Yadav’s letter is part of the record of Government of India relating to prosecution sanction granted against her. The record was summoned by the special CBI court.

Special CBI Judge Vimal Kumar,earlier this week,had also pointed out the “direct contradiction” between the stands of Yadav and Ravinder Singh. The CBI judge had remarked that counsel for Yadav had explicitly denied the incidents of August 13 and 14,2008 (receipt of Rs 15 lakh).

The CBI will conclude its arguments,on the issue of framing of charges,on Saturday. The court has to pronounce its order,on charge,by August 1.

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