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Jalandhar: Soon, double-decker trains with sleeping facility

Decision after rising demands from passengers to introduce sleeper coaches.

Buoyed by the increasing popularity of double-decker trains, the Rail Coach Factory (RCF) Kapurthala has decided to design double decker trains with sleeper coaches.

“The railway board has decided to manufacture double- decker trains with sleeper coaches and the RCF has been asked to design them,” said sources in RCF.

The decision was taken after rising demands from passengers to introduce sleeper coaches in such trains.

“Passengers felt uncomfortable sitting on a chair for a long duration. This led the department to think of introducing sleeper coaches in such trains,” said a senior officer in the RCF.


Presently, an AC double-decker train has a capacity of accomodating 120 passengers per coach, including 50 in the lower deck and 70 in the upper deck. Keeping this in mind, the RCF has been told to design it without decreasing the number of berths.

Virender Kumar Vij, Public Relation Officer (PRO) confirmed that RCF will first design the coaches. And that it will only be introduced after getting the Railway Board’s approval.

The first AC double-decker train chugged off on the Kolkata — Dhanbad route in October 2010.

But the journey was short-lived due to the train’s width, which made it difficult to run on a standard track .

The RCF later modified the coaches by decreasing the width upto three inches.

Later, the Delhi-Jaipur and Ahmedabad -Mumbai double- decker trains were introduced.