It was a Good Night

It was a Good Night

Global star DJ David Guetta’s first show in India was musically memorable.

A few hours before French house DJ David Guetta was set to play his first gig in India in Delhi on Friday as part of 2012 edition of Eristoff Invasion festival,there was a sense of skepticism in the 8,000-plus crowd gathered at the Huda Grounds in Gurgaon. It was the same venue that witnessed the Metallica fiasco in October,reinforcing the point that the NCR was an unsuitable venue for hosting international gigs. But once the Grammy-winning DJ (who is world’s number one DJ according to British monthly magazine,DJMag) took to the stage,many sighed in relief. Then began two memorable hours of music that were a treat for the audience.

Entry gates opened at 3 pm and Indian artistes,Dualist Inquiry and Nucleya,opened the act for Guetta. The gig began sharp at 8 pm as per schedule and Guetta played a set comprising all his worldwide hits,even a few underground tracks. The 44-year-old began with No getting over you and then went on to some interesting mixes of his popular tracks such as Love is gone,Without you,Give me everything tonight and Sexy bitch,followed by Memories.

The bonus was his Grammy-winning track,When love takes over that had the audience dancing to upbeat house sound with a lot of scratching technique. Guetta even gave a glimpse of mixing two songs live by cutting them. He finished the night with a befitting last song,Tonight’s gonna be a good night. Enthusiastic behind the console,Guetta jumped and danced as he mixed the songs and often took to the mic. “I love Delhi. I want to remember this forever. I didn’t know what to expect — 600 people or 6,000 people,I didn’t know people in this country knew my music so well,” he said before playing When love takes over. The crowd was at their enthusiastic best — most sporting psychedelic,blue and red retro shades and funky head accessories. From dancing and jumping to screaming “Guetta”,fans and followers of the DJ presented an electrifying sight of their own.

The festival was well-organised — banners on the roads directing people to the venue,separate ticket lanes led from the entry and there were seven levels of security checks. The organisers,Only Much Louder,were smart enough not to over-sell tickets. In fact,the ground had enough empty space to hold a few more thousands. However,a cemented concert ground is of importance for such gigs as the dust cloud was a dampener. All in all,the David Guetta gig lived up to the hype it created.