Is it the beginning of the end for the Chand-Fiza saga? 

Chand and Fiza Mohammed are no adolescents,but the duration of their romance has been shorter than the typically ephemeral teenage crushes.

Written by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: February 1, 2009 12:45:24 am

Chand and Fiza Mohammed are no adolescents,but the duration of their romance has been shorter than the typically ephemeral teenage crushes. Barely two months after putting their careers,families and much more at stakes for a dramatic matrimony,their saga has apparently lost all the unconditional love which they had professed for each other. As events stand now,their relationship is almost over. 

Yesterday,Chand Mohammed suddenly felt pangs of love for the family he had left to marry Fiza. In an interaction with a television channel,he said that he loves his former wife Seema,his children and sorely misses them. 

Chand Mohammed,who had occupied the post of Deputy Chief Minister of Haryana under the name of Chander Mohan,has acquired the reputation of disappearing like a phantom. Three days ago,he performed his vanishing act again and till the time he remained untraceable,his better half Fiza (earlier known as Anuradha Bali) allegedly consumed poison but survived to tell her tale of woes. 

“No man should exploit a woman or a religion. My fears that Chand Mohammed is siding with his brother Kuldeep Bishnoi are coming true. The way he was speaking on television clearly showed that he was drunk,” she told reporters when asked about her reaction to Chand’s interview. She also claimed that her repeated attempts to contact her husband in past three days have proven futile. 

Chand Mohammed who is the son of former Haryana CM Bhajan Lal was reportedly seen near Raj Ghat in New Delhi in an inebriated condition. He was taken to the Daryaganj police station,from where he left saying he would go back on his own. He,however,went missing again before appearing in the said television interview.

Fiza’s confidant and close friend,Neeru Bala who was right next to her during the press conference,was much less charitable in her estimation of Chand Mohammed.

“It is a matter of shame that a man who has occupied the post of Deputy CM has sunk to such abysmal levels. He should be ashamed of himself and such people should be punished. Fiza is being unnecessarily harassed by the media,while the entire fault is that of Chand.” 

The lady who suddenly finds herself in the eye of storm is Chand’s first wife Seema Bishnoi. Neither she nor any one else from the Bhajan Lal family has spoken to the media but it is learnt that Bhajan Lal himself would be returning to Panchkula today. 

Chand’s spokesperson,Deepak Walia,said: “He is in Delhi with his friends and shall be returning to Panchkula in a day or two.”

Fiza is reportedly planning her next course of action. Her lawyer,Rohit Mahajan,said that it is only after Fiza has had a word with Chand Mohammed that she would decide on what to do.

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