Injured cop rang up PCR,4 vehicles failed to nab killer

Injured cop rang up PCR,4 vehicles failed to nab killer

Morbid murder: Officer at Sector 17 ‘mute spectator’,confusion prevailed over shooting assailant

Minutes after dismissed Chandigarh constable Basant allegedly killed a police inspector and injured a constable,he reportedly escaped with his girlfriend in an interceptor on Friday night. Soon after,injured constable Jitender informed the police control room about the incident. Inspector Sucha Singh and Jitender were allegedly stabbed.

A wireless message was immediately flashed and an interceptor spotted the vehicle. Two police officials,on a motorcycle,too spotted the vehicle and started chasing it. Within minutes,two other police gypsies also began to follow it. Listening to all police orders and communication on the walkie-talkie (which was in the interceptor),Basant kept changing his track and finally sped the vehicle towards Dhanas village.

As per available information,the interceptor twice sought permission to shoot at the assailant,but the police officials were asked to “wait”. Denying this,Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Roshan Lal said,“Orders were given to the police officials to shoot and burst the tyres. They were also advised to shoot in the air. We have official police control recording to show that orders were given”.

However,no police official shot at the vehicle or in the air. Finally,Basant abandoned the vehicle near Dhanas village and fled with his girlfriend. The two are still at large.


In another startling revelation,a police constable,at a stone’s throw,posted outside the Sector-17 bus stand (with an official weapon) reportedly remained a mute spectator to the entire incident. After he was stabbed,driver Jitender screamed for help. “The constable,if not at Basant,could have shot in the air or burst the tyres to stop the accused from escaping,” said a police official on condition of anonymity.

Chandigarh SSP Naunihal Singh said,“An inquiry will be marked and the official concerned will be questioned regarding the same. Ideally he should have reacted promptly”.

According to the police,Basant along with his girlfriend Sarita were heading towards Delhi. Basant was aware that there were CCTV cameras installed at the Sector-17 bus stand,as a result of which he came out of the bus stand with Sarita. “It is believed that the two were waiting to board a bus for Delhi,” said a senior police officer.