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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

In their ELEMENT

They all speak one language: 'Music',sing Gopi,Gopu and Manoj.

Written by Samvadini | Published: March 9, 2009 5:44:24 am

They all speak one language: ‘Music’,sing Gopi,Gopu and Manoj. And it’s this passion that got all three together to form the band,Elements. “The real element being different,” says Gopu as he introduces us to their USP: electro music. Here for an electrifying performance at Rock in Rio as part of the Eristoff Howling Night event,the three remained on high notes. While Gopu is a DJ,Gopi is a percussionist,and Manoj a classical violinist. Already a rage down south,we hear Gopi’s raving comparison to Sivamani,and go back to the genesis of their band,circa 2008,Bangalore. “What we play is something familiar but in a different sort of way. You see,we keep on adding different elements of rhythm to the ongoing track to give it a new flavour. Hence the name,Elements,” tells Gopu adding how Gopi has played with various bands like Antargini,Mukti et al,while Manoj’s immense talent has earned him a place in the Malayalam film industry as a music director. “Trust me,making a classical musician play to thumping electronic beats was quite a challenge,” laughs Gopu,a jack and master of all trades. “Meet the vocalist,anchor and DJ combined,” Gopi teases Gopu. As for Gopi,music is in his blood. “My father was a mridang player and I followed in his footsteps…I practically live,breathe,sleep music,” says Gopi. Play on!

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