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Sunday, February 28, 2021

In a jiffy

Charges of corruption were to be framed against Yadav along with another other accused on Monday

August 26, 2013 4:08:35 am

In a jiffy

Justice (retd) Nirmal Yadav’s name would have been etched in history as the first High Court judge in the country to have been charged with corruption,for an act she allegedly committed as a sitting High Court judge,had she not filed an appeal against the order of the special CBI court challenging the charges against her.

Charges of corruption were to be framed against Yadav along with another other accused on Monday.

However,Yadav chose to file an appeal in the Punjab and Haryana High Court,which will now come up for hearing on Monday.

It is truly intriguing how,in less than a fortnight,Yadav got the appeal prepared against an exhaustive CBI court order.

All this to ensure that she does not have to appear before the court and no charges are framed against her.

Just chill

The Chandigarh police prefer to use their ‘brains’ than brawn when it comes to making arrests. Rather than making efforts to catch the accused of an offending vehicle involved in a hit and run case,the police chose to confiscate the vehicle.

The reason being the said vehicle was an expensive,high-end car. “His high-end car is with us. Why shall we visit his residence to make an arrest? If he wants his car back,he will have to come to the station,” smirked a police official.


Cricket appears to be the preferred recreation for Chandigarh police officials when it comes to taking a break from their daily schedule. The cops are often found playing the game in the backyard of the thanas. If less in number,cops even invite kids to play with them.

Wake-up call

Three deaths in the past few months due to stray cattle has woken the Municipal Corporation up quite literally. Cattle-catching teams,headed by officers of the civic body,have started heading out for drives from 4 am onwards. Drives will also be held late at night when the cattle can be found roaming on city roads. Had the problem been nipped in the bud earlier,the need for extreme measures could have been avoided.

Home advantage

When it comes to seeking advice,K K Sharma,the UT Adviser to UT Administrator banks on his better half. When asked at a recent press conference whether he consulted his wife,Sharma minced no words in admitting that he did seek her advice.

Ready for ‘action’

After the venue of the Joint Action Committee of Teachers meeting was forcefully shifted by police and Section 144 was enforced on August 22,the members have decided to forward the complaint against the UT education department to the Home department.

Also,the co-conveners have threatened that if the teachers’ demands of not increasing the school timings and withdrawing the FIR registered against the teachers are not met,they will volunteer for suspension.

Keep it clean

After the Chandigarh police detained 10 youngsters for indulging in “aggressive” campaigning in UIET,none of the student organisations have accepted that the offenders belong to their party. Two things are certain from this,one being that the students detained were campaigning and the second being that no student organisation wants to get involved in a legal wrangle ahead of the elections.


Even after amendments in the law,in April this year,several cops in Punjab have been defying the new law with impunity. As per the new law,no male officer can register a case of rape. Only a woman police officer is entitled to do so. Yet,male police officers have been posing uncomfortable questions to rape victims and recording statements of victims,later translating them into FIRs. This emerged from information furnished by the Punjab Police under the Right to Information (RTI) Act. Little do the errant cops realise they can be prosecuted for recording such FIRs.

Monkey business

The monkey menace has hit the city hard with the simians being spotted every where in the city. Not only can they be found in offices but also in private residences. Some residents even complained the monkeys take away clothes and food,while making their lives ‘hellish’’. As authorities fail to take steps,the monkeys continue to be unwanted intruders. The fear of the monkeys is such that people desist from keeping house-hold items outside. Monkeys not only rummage through dust bins,but even take away milk packets and tiffin boxes.

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