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Thursday, October 29, 2020

I believe in innovating for a cause, says Chandigarh entrepreneur Karamvir Singh Rajpal

Karamvir Singh Rajpal, city-based entrepreneur and a keen innovator, has taken it upon himself to allay these apprehensions. “Public places are always bustling with people of all different demographics.

Written by Varun Das | Chandigarh | September 20, 2020 5:32:26 am
Covid crisis, coronavirus cases, Chandigarh entrepreneur, Punjab news, Indian express newsA CCTV grab of the incident. (File photo)

Not long before the pandemic struck, it was pretty common to spot large numbers of jovial shoppers streaming in and out of malls, right from the morning hours till the dusk set in. But as the number of coronavirus cases continues to surge daily in triple digits in the Tricity, many citizens have decided to give a wide berth to public places, out of fear of catching the contagious disease.

Karamvir Singh Rajpal, city-based entrepreneur and a keen innovator, has taken it upon himself to allay these apprehensions. “Public places are always bustling with people of all different demographics. It risks transmission of pathogens like Covid-19. At this juncture, it is a serious concern the world over. Even prior to the lockdown, people had started to become apprehensive about visiting malls, hypermarkets, and other busy public spots. So, we have come up with the model for what we call a ‘Sanitisation Chamber.’ We have used two types of technologies, the UV and the plasma technique,” said Rajpal.

Eyes gleaming, Rajpal elaborated about his model. “It is a large pipe-like structure, which is to be placed at the entrance of a building, say for instance, a shopping mall. A blower is to fitted at the ceiling, which would sprinkle a disinfectant on the person walking through this tunnel. One is to stay inside for at least 30 to 60 seconds, before exiting from the other side. The average temperature inside the chamber is planned to be kept around 50°Celcius. This simple and speedy process of fumigation will prevent the transmission of harmful pathogens and diseases further. This can be a great step forward in preventing community transmission,”he said.

He further added, “It was back in March this year that we had first started working on the project, in an effort to possibly save lives. I had joined forces with our Chief Outreach Officer, Neeraj Kumar Kapil, Chief Financial Officer-cum-Chief Legal Officer, Sunil Gupta, Chief Scientific Officer, and educationist, Shikha Rao, budding innovator, Utkarsh and research scholar, Aarti.”

Rajpal also admits, “The work on the project had been going swimmingly until the lockdown was suddenly effected. The progress had briefly stalled, but we kept going.”

Rajpal’s passion for innovating is fuelled in no small part by his insatiable eagerness to help others. “We have also launched a free-of-cost app called ‘JauntBee’. Through the application, a user can easily dial hotline numbers in case of emergency,” he said.

“When in trouble, a person can simply use this application to reach out to the nearest police station. This app is very user-friendly and convenient in nature. It functions smoothly. There are no ads and it does not even require a regular log-in,” he explained.

Rajpal is also the author of a newly launched book titled, ‘The C(++) within us’, that dwells on the fundamental piece of technologies like QR code, in order to direct the user towards defined content, which has been stored somewhere.

Rajpal, who also has an experience of ten years as an educationist, says, “We have assumed a lucid approach in the book. The book, which has been co-written by Devang Kharbanda, has been drafted it in a way that a reader can pick up from any part in the book and still latch on to the concepts easily. The book makes use of typography, design language and a set of colour combinations. All of the thorough implications offered to technocrats, developers or technical evangelists by the C and C(++) have been covered in the book.”

He founded his own start-up, Neonex Technology, back in 2014.

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