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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Holi Hai!!

Okay,so we’ve been amply warned with the side-effects of the festival. We’ve been lectured on safety tips,on use of organic colours (if you can,you must),on restricting to a simple dry tilak fare.

Written by EXPRESS FEATURES SERVICE | Published: March 11, 2009 12:53:56 am

Play a prank for all’s fair on the festival of colours

Sheveta Bhatia,Aanchal Saluja & Aditi Khurana
Okay,so we’ve been amply warned with the side-effects of the festival. We’ve been lectured on safety tips,on use of organic colours (if you can,you must),on restricting to a simple dry tilak fare. C’mon people,it’s Holi,and it has to be a splash,a riot of colours,buckets of bhaang,platters of gujia and yes,truckloads of pranks. For what’s Holi without sneaking up from nowhere and spraying you with surprise! This Holi,we bring you the best of pranks in the dictionary of the festival. But please,play safe and abstain from using dangerous things like glass,pebbles,grease. Happy Holi!

Tank of Masti
Don’t know what to do with friends who lock themselves up behind closed doors? Try this one. “Get up early,dress neatly and head to your friends place for a quick cup of coffee and on your way out just slip a packet of colour in the water tank. And there you go,” grins Abhas Goyal,an engineer with Tech Mohindra,who tells us that just in case the water tank is out of reach,reach out for the shower and place it between the metal covers!

Bed of Colours
Want to get even with your roommate? “Replace the cotton in the pillow with water balloons,” smiles Pradi Modgil of Carmel Convent School,who with her friends has already made a set of four pillows. This,besides layering the fan with a riot of colours. “The idea is to drench everyone in a riot of colours,now whether it gets messy or not is for the others to see and save their souls!” she sprays.

Bhole Baba Ka Prasad
Though Army men are known for their sophistication,but at the time of Holi they do believe in getting a little naughty,says Lt. Arundeep Singh Dhillon. “I am going to mix bhaang in the morning milk before my mother and sister have it and then will record all their actions for future viewing.” Now that’s plain genius!

Tub of Fun
This one’s wicked for this one plays on the emotional atyachaar factor. “You see,I plan to call friends home on the pretext of some emergency and will drown them in coloured water,” Ankit,a Class XII student is thinking a cocktail of colours.

Down & Dirty
Akshay Kumar and Rekha looked lustful in it,but on Holi there’s nothing sensuous or titillating about a mud bath. And for someone who’s going to leave the country for good,this last Holi better be special. Probably that’s the reason Lohit Dutta,a B.Com first year student,wants to play it real dirty. “All the balloons,folks,will be filled with mud and the pichkaari with permanent colour,” he’s onto the task.

While you were sleeping
“This Holi is going to be special for me since it’s going to be my first Holi after marriage,” says Geetika Chadha,a business woman,who is all set to paint her husband’s face while he’s sleeping. As for my in-laws,they will be greeted with bucket-full of water outside their room,” now,now,don’t forget that saas bhi kabhi bahu thi!

Egg on!
“I was born on Holi and there’s every reason to celebrate it with full pomp and show,” tells Neha Vaid,student of Dot Net. So this year,instead of the eggs in the cake,it will be eggs on your face! “I am planning to throw eggs on my neighbours and friends all day. And as I have a pretty innocent face,they won’t even doubt me,” says the little prankster. And to teach her brother a lesson,his wardrobe’s in for a shock! Watch out bro!

Holi Fever
She doesn’t play neither does she believe in pranks. But this year,Sonia Singh,a student of first year BA is trying out something new. “I will call in sick and tell everyone not to come to my place. They will,I know,and I’ll be ready with a coloured water!” Now that’s sick!

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