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After DAV college authorities declared the final nominations,PUSU and SOPU members were seen removing their own posters and stickers from walls and cars

Published: September 2, 2013 3:18:25 am


After DAV college authorities declared the final nominations,PUSU and SOPU members were seen removing their own posters and stickers from walls and cars. This was because none of the members from either party were shortlisted for the election nominations. It was for the first time in DAV College that PUSU and SOPU,the most famous parties were out of the nominations list. Most of the nominations were cancelled because of attendance shortage and compartment in one or the other subject.

To err is Chandigarh Police

Be it spelling,grammar mistakes,errors galore in press notes sent by the Chandigarh Police. Last week,giving details of a fatal accident,an official press note wrongly mentioned the name of the deceased’s daughter as the victim,while it was her mother who had been killed in the road accident. Thankfully,the blunder was noticed,following which a revised press note was sent a few hours later.


It is not only thieves and snatchers who are deceitful,but officials of the “We Care for You” brigade can also be shrewd when it comes to nabbing culprits. In one such “act of deceit”,a Chandigarh Police officer,posing as a client,approached an accused who was selling University degrees. The accused was arrested before he could become even remotely suspicious about the client’s actual identity who fooled him.

Leading from

the front

With elections round the corner,it is the girl students in Panjab University (PU) who seem to be having a gala time riding jeeps and bikes in the university. Driving open jeeps and giving lifts to male student leaders,the girls took their job seriously and end their day with samosa and tea parties at various PU canteens. They have also been visiting the girls hostels to inform the new voters about the candidates and the party manifesto. Now that is what we call ‘girl power’.

Being human

Adopting a humanitarian approach is essential when it comes to deciding family disputes,especially when it comes to property disputes between a father and son. Adjudicating on a property dispute,a Judge “advised” his father against whom his son had filed a petition demanding equal share in the property. The judge told the old man to distribute the property equally and not sow the seed of dispute among his sons. If that was not done,the Judge advised,his sons would keep fighting over the property after his demise.


Officers of Registration and Licensing Authority (RLA),it seems,are snowed under with work as they have been given additional charge of other departments. This perhaps is one of the reasons that one seldom finds them in the office.

Punching bag

With the senior mens’ boxing team set to fight without head gear in future competitions,junior boxers,who were taking part in the fifth Pandit Mohan Lal Memorial Boxing Tournament earlier this week were also seen shadow boxing without head gear. With their coaches advising them to use head-gear till they turn senior,the junior boxers could only shadow box. “Jab tak junior hain,head gear main hi mukke marenge and khayenge,Ek bar senior ho gaye fir toh bina headgear ke mukke marenge aur khayenge bhi (Till we are junior boxers,we will box with head gear. Once senior,we will punch and get punched without head gear),” quipped a junior boxer.

Left out

To begin with,he was left out as his name was not even mentioned by the host during the vote of thanks. And then the Education Secretary during his address,at a seminar,misspoke. He mistakenly referred to Upkar Singh,Director of Public Instructions (Schools) as Deputy Director. However,not wasting a second,the Education Secretary corrected himself.


Last week,the media berated private water tankers for minting money during the water crisis. The tanker owners,however,were furious for the “thanklessness” shown by the users. They rued they were the ones who provided water when everything else failed and they forced nobody to pay the amount. According to them,they only “adjusted” their rates according to the universal law of demand and price,adding they worked day and night to provide water.

Flat denial

Having come under attack for giving away a vanity number to the Punjab Education minister’s wife for a pittance,Mohali District Transport Officer Karan Singh has been in a constant state of denial right from the beginning. He feigned ignorance about the number,about the surrender of the number by the Minister and also about the legal notice by the original owner.

Good start

Even though he lost in the semi-finals,it seemed like a victory for the coaches of Naresh Badgujjar,who impressed his coaches after reaching the last stage of the AITA Talent Series that concluded on Friday. Naresh,who picked up the racquet only last year,made it to both the singles and doubles semi-finals in the boys’ under-12 age category. The CLTA trainee from Haryana,who was enrolled under the CHART scheme,has made steady progress and carved a niche for himself in the junior circuit.

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