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Sunday, May 31, 2020

‘Haryana economy will return to normalcy by next month’

Migration is an emotional crisis not a financial one, says the Deputy CM.

Written by Sukhbir Siwach | Published: May 20, 2020 1:01:35 pm
‘Haryana economy will return to normalcy by next month’ Migration is an emotional crisis not a financial one, says the Deputy CM.

With Covid-19 patients recovering at the rate of above 65 per cent in Haryana, the state has allowed industries to function with full staff except in the containment zones. Deputy CM Dushyant Chautala hopes that the state’s economy will return to normalcy from next month onward.

A young politician from Chautala clan, Dushyant, who also holds industry portfolio in Haryana’s BJP-JJP government, tells SUKHBIR SIWACH about the keenness of migrant workers to move back to the state to resume work here and about the recent arrest of a party leader in a liquor theft case.

How has the Covid lockdown affected Haryana’s finances?

Last two months have been tough. We have been recovering, but not to a level that we were running at. We have seen a decline in the revenue receipts. We have seen zero income from transport department, zero from the electricity department while excise has just started from sixth of this month. But I think the first month will be tough, but from the next month onward economy will return to normalcy in Haryana.

Do you believe that these financial losses will be recovered in near future?

The government needs to take steps. We need to cut down our expenditure like we have done with multiple decisions taken by the state like the one that no new cars will be bought.

Thousands of migrant labourers are moving to their native states from Haryana. How do you plan to handle this situation?

We have observed that very less people are moving from our state. Migration is an emotional crisis not a financial one. My domestic help also left (for his native state) to see his mother. One positive aspect we have seen in past one week, Uttar Pradesh has requested us that the labour from their state wants to come back to Haryana… mainly from adjoining districts including Bagpat and Noida. People from Rajasthan’s Bhiwadi have come to Manesar and Bawal of Haryana. We have to get them back as that’s the only hope for industry’s revival. We are trying our best that the industries open up at full capacity. Approximately, 33 lakh employees are coming back to their workplaces (in industries and business establishments). And that is a positive sign for our economy. We have seen a dip in GST input and it’s not only with the state. As per a report, Centre’s GST input too dipped by one-fifth. That’s a serious concern but I think the central government has provided extraordinary financial support to the economy especially to the medium and small scale industry and unskilled workers.

Over one lakh migrant workers are reportedly keen to return to Haryana from other states. How do you see this development?

That’s a positive sign and we will provide each and every help including buses and trains to get our labour back to work. An IAS officer has been appointed for the same. For the first time, Haryana has set up additional directorate for MSMEs in the industries sector to revive our MSME centres and to get labour back to their workplaces.

Do you think that arrest of JJP leader Satvinder Rana (ex-MLA) in liquor theft case dented party’s image?

That is a concern and the party is looking into it seriously. I think he is not even a co-accused in the FIR. He was called to give a statement and then arrested with 12 other accused.

You claim that whenever any matter comes regarding your party everybody wants to join hands against you. Who are these people?

They are those who were saying seven months back that this (JJP) is not a party. They are jealous that we are working hard….We have taken action in this (theft) case too. Would the Congress have taken action (against its MLA)? They will never do that. Did Sonia Gandhi take action against Mr (Bhupinder Singh) Hooda even though he is accused in six different FIRs. Our party did not even stop the investigation.

Satvinder Rana was not only arrested but he was remanded too for two days. Do you think police action was excessive?

I would not comment on anything on what the police did.

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