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GMSH-16 under scanner: Patient kin allege negligence by doctor

GMSH-16 under scanner: Patient kin allege negligence by doctor

21-yr-old admitted for appendectomy ends up getting ‘fallopian tubes damaged’

Allegations of gross medical negligence,wherein a woman who underwent appendectomy (removal of appendix) and allegedly ended up getting her fallopian tubes either damaged or removed,have rocked the Government Multi Speciality Hospital (GMSH) Sector 16,bringing the hospital under scanner.

The 21-year-old woman underwent an appendectomy in the hospital on June 17 and was soon discharged. A few days later,she complained of unbearable pain in her stomach during her menstrual cycle. She was again taken to the same hospital and a biopsy was conducted on July 26.

The observations noted in the biopsy report have now got the patient’s family to suspect that her fallopian tubes were either damaged or removed during the surgery.

The Histopathology Report,a copy of which is with the Newsline,states,“Gross examination received a specimen of appendix labeled with periappendiceal fat 4 cm long. Cut section shows lumen narrow and obliterated with white material.” The report adds,“Microscopic examination: the sections show histomorphology of fallopian tube.”


Newsline got this biopsy report independently verified from multiple experts. A senior doctor from PGIMER,requesting anonymity,said,“The report is very shocking. Instead of appendix,tissues of fallopian tubes are there in the sample. Which means that the girl’s fallopian tubes have been damaged during the removal of appendix.” Asked whether it was possible to damage fallopian tubes while removing appendix,the doctor added,“Everything is possible. It appears to be a blunder on the part of the doctor who did this operation.”

Examining the histopathology report,a private pathologist approached by Newsline,said,“The report says that specimen of appendix was taken,but on examination,it revealed that it was fallopian tube and not appendix. The report clearly shows gross medical negligence on the part of the doctor.”

Dr Himmat Mohan Singh,the doctor who operated upon the woman,said,“I am aware of the operation. The girl was brought in emergency and was operated in good faith. I removed only appendix and not fallopian tubes.” Dr Singh also said that the operation was successful and the patient’s condition was good when she was discharged from the hospital.

The hisptopathology report was examined by Dr Abha Sarwal,Pathologist at GMSH-16. When contacted,Dr Abha Sarwal refused to comment and directed the reporter to Dr Bandana Pandey,SMO,in-charge Pathology,GMSH-16.

However,Dr Bandana Pandey chose to discard the report saying it is not so important. “I thought the report is something very important,but it is not. I can not tell you anything right now. If you want to verify this report,come tomorrow,as I have other important files to look at,” Pandey said.

Dr Rajiv Vadera,director,GMSH-16 ,when contacted,said,“I am waiting for the written complaint by the father.

Speaking to Newsline,the patient’s father (name being withheld),said,“My daughter was to be operated for removal of appendix on June 16 at GMSH-16. Few days after the operation,she complained of unbearable pain in her stomach. Later,I got her examined at the hospital. The biopsy report of the sample which was sent for examination was shocking. It revealed that fallopian tubes of my daughter were either damaged or removed.”

He added,“This one mistake by the doctor has destroyed my daughter’s entire life. Who will marry her now?” The fallopian tubes are very important parts of a female reproductive system. Any damage or removal of fallopian tubes mean that the woman won’t be able to conceive.