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For them, it’s second horrible experience — after 4 years

For Bhola Yadav and his family, this was the second such experience.

Unpleasant memories came rushing back to the family which was attacked near Parch village by a Kala Kachha gang on Wednesday night. For Bhola Yadav and his family, this was the second such experience. Earlier, they had been attacked and robbed at a farmhouse in the nearby Siunkh village in April 2010.

Raman Yadav and Jai Singh, who were attacked on Wednesday night, are Bhola’s brothers. Bhola stays in another farmhouse near by.

“We were then brutally thrashed and left grievously injured when about 10 persons attacked us with blunt weapons and decamped with cash and jewellery. I had saved Rs 27,000 as we were going back to our village near Kanpur. All of it was taken away. And now, terror has struck our family again. We are grateful to the Almighty that the children were spared in this attack,” said Bhola.

Raman, the brother living at Gauba Farmhouse, said, “I was scared more about my two young daughters while we were under attack.

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The assailants seemed cruel as they did not even spare our dog Bhojo. Look at it, it is not eating anything and has hardly moved since last night. Even my sister-in-law Girija, who’s still in a shock, was beaten up.”

Raman and all his four brothers stay with their families in farmhouses in the area. They had moved from their village near Kanpur to the Tricity 12 years ago.

“The attacks have instilled fear in the residents as the farmhouses we live in are isolated, and it is hard to call for help. When a family near Rurkee village was attacked last month, the victim had to walk quite a distance to reach the nearest person for help,” said Rajesh, a mutual friend of both families.

First published on: 25-07-2014 at 02:11 IST
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