Finally, a vet lab for your pet

Finally, a vet lab for your pet

The laboratory offers digital X-ray facilities for animals such as dogs, rabbits, horses, turtles, cats, birds among others

A dog being treated at the laboratory. (Source: Express photo by Kamleshwar Singh)
A dog being treated at the laboratory. (Source: Express photo by Kamleshwar Singh)

Bolt, a young Labrador dog, much to his owner’s disappointment, didn’t live up to his name. For a young dog, he was lethargic and extremely overweight. That was until a specific blood test ordered by his vet, Dr Kuldip Singh, who runs a clinic in Sector 11, Chandigarh, was processed at Tricity Vet Lab, a specialised diagnostic centre for pets that has opened in the city recently.

The report revealed that Bolt was suffering from hypothyroidism and was thus gaining weight despite being on a controlled diet for two years. “So far we had been sending blood samples of pets to human labs but the results were not conclusive and didn’t give a clear picture,” informs Singh. A timely diagnosis has helped Bolt get back on his feet with renewed vigour.

There are many pet lovers in the city who along with their vets have had to send blood tests either to human labs, which are not calibrated to animal specifications, or outside of the city. “Just like in humans, it is very important to start any medication on the basis of the correct blood diagnostics. This facility has been specifically started to address those issues as well as offer timely results,” said veterinarian Dr Amarjit Singh Dhillon who spearheads the lab along with Dr Jagtar Devgun in the pathology section.

A brain child of Dr Rashpal Singh Bajwa, a leading vet surgeon based in the USA, the first of its kind lab also offers digital X-ray facilities for all kinds of animals — dogs, rabbits, horses, turtles, cats, birds etc with high-end veterinary reporting software.


“We also provide mobile X-ray options for larger animals who can not be brought to the lab,” said Dr Dhillon adding how the right X-ray can help timely detection of abdominal injuries and any organ changes in all kinds of animals.

Situated near the Sukhna Lake in Kaimbwala, the Lab is equipped with latest machines, many of which have been imported from Japan, USA and Germany. “We have exclusive veterinary testing tools which are more precise and accurate as compared to the human tools including tick fever screening, rabies tests et al,” added Dr Dhillon.

To make it a more holistic treatment centre, consultants have also been brought on board. Dr Anhadbir Singh Sidhu, a graduate from the University of Glasgow and a Member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (MRCVS) is the equine consultant along with Dr B S Sandhu, a vet from California.

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